PM300 pressure sensor

Pressure range: -100~ 20Kpa~ 100Mpa

Power supply: 12~24VDC or 9~12VDC 

Output signal: 4-20mA,  0-5V,  0-10V 

Accuracy class: ≤±0.5%F.S, ≤0.2%F.S(customized)

Loading: 150% F.S. 

Operating temperature: -20~ 80℃ 

Protection class: IP65 

Material: 316L stainless steel 

Media compatible: Various fluid media compatible with 316L stainless steel

Insulation: 100MΩ/250VDC

Explosion-proof grade: ExiaⅡCT6

Long-term stability: ≤0.2%FS/year

■ Reverse polarity protection and transient over current and over voltage protection to meet EMI protection requirements 

■ Using laser-regulated temperature compensation process, the measured value is more stable

 ■ Wide range coverage, -0.1~100MPa optional

■ Automatic temperature compensation, automatic temperature correction

■ Strong overload and anti-interference ability, economical and practical

■ Compact structure and easy installation

Pressure range-100~ 20Kpa~ 100Mpa
Accuracy 0.5% FS (default) 0.2% FS (customized)
Power supply    12~ 24VDC or 9~ 12VDC   
Output signal  4-20mA , 0-5V , 0-10V     
Compensation temperature-10~ 70℃
Operating temperature-20~ 80℃    
Zero temperature drift0.5%FS(max)
Sensitivity temperature drift0.5%FS(max)
Pressure overload150%FS
Mechanical vibration20g(20-5000HZ)
Long-term stability≤0.2%FS/year 
Protection class IP65     
Explosion-proof gradeExiaⅡCT6   
Media compatibilityvarious fluid media compatible with 316L stainless steel

Suitable for measurement of industrial process process control pressure. Widely used in water plants, oil refineries, sewage treatment plants, building materials, light industry, machinery and other industrial fields to achieve measurement of liquid, gas and steam pressure。

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