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RS-FSXCS-N01-1 ultrasonic weather station is a compact and integrated weather station. It is composed of two parts, an ultrasonic anemometer on the upper part and an all-in-one weather sensor on the lower part. The ultrasonic anemometer uses four ultrasonic probes to cyclically send and receive ultrasonic waves in a two-dimensional plane, and measure the wind speed and direction through the time difference of ultrasonic propagation in the air. Built-in electronic compass, the installation process will not affect the position. The all-in-one weather sensor is to put four sensor modules in a solar radiation shield to measure temperature, humidity, noise, atmospheric pressure, and PM2.5 PM10.


Best design

The RS-FSXCS-N01-1 ultrasonic weather station adopts the integrated design of multiple acquisition devices, which is easy to install. The overall appearance design is small in size, light in weight, without any moving parts, and easy to carry. 

Best protection 

The RS-FSXCS-N01-1 ultrasonic weather station is made of high-quality anti-ultraviolet materials, the appearance design has good linearity, good waterproof performance meets the IP68 protection level, and has a long service life. 

Best friendly 

The shell of the ultrasonic weather station uses an environmentally friendly ABS polymer plastic shell, which is easy to decompose and reuse. Best economical 

The overall price of the ultrasonic weather station is less than US$500, and it can work around the clock without being affected by heavy rain, snow, and frost. Good quality and low price. 

High precision 

Ultrasonic weather station uses high-sensitivity probes, stable signals, internal use of sensor modules imported from Switzerland, accurate measurement, and high precision. The ultrasonic anemometer sensor part has a built-in electronic compass to avoid measurement errors caused by the installation process. 

High stability

The transmission signal of the ultrasonic weather station uses a dedicated 485 circuit, which has a wide measurement range and stable communication.


ElementMeasuring RangeAccuracyResponse timeLong-term stability
Wind speed0~60m/s±(0.2m/s±0.02*v)1S--
Wind direction0~359°±3°1S--
Atmospheric pressure0-120Kpa±0.15Kpa@25℃ 75Kpa≤1s-0.1Kpa/y
PM10 PM2.50-1000ug/m3±10%(25℃)≤90S≤1%/y
CO20-5000ppm±(40ppm+ 3%F·S)≤90S≤1%/y

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Ultrasonic weather stations are mainly used in cities, grasslands, seasides, airports, railways, highways, navigation ships, bridges and tunnels, high mountain water sources, aquaculture, wind power, and other fields.


Why can't the ultrasonic weather station be connected to PLC or computer? 

1. The computer has multiple COM ports and the selected port is incorrect. 

2. The device address is wrong, or there are devices with duplicate addresses (the factory default is all 1). 

3. The baud rate, check method, data bit, and stop bit are wrong. 

4. The host polling interval and waiting response time are too short, and both need to be set above 200ms. 

5. The 485 bus is disconnected, or the A and B wires are reversed. 

6. If the number of equipment is too much or the wiring is too long, the power supply should be nearby, add 485 boosters, and add 120Ω terminal resistance. 

7. The USB to 485 drivers is not installed or damaged. 8. The equipment is damaged.