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What Is Infrared Temperature Sensor?

Infrared temperature sensor principle

The industrial infrared temperature sensor is composed of 4 main parts: optical system, photodetector, signal amplifier, and signal processing, display output. The optical system is an infrared radiation receiving system, which can collect the infrared radiation energy emitted by the measured target, and then converge them on the photosensitive surface of the photodetector, and convert them into corresponding electrical signals; the signals are amplified and processed, After calibrating according to the algorithm and target emissivity formulated by the instrument, it will be converted into the temperature value of the measured target.

The biggest feature of the infrared temperature sensor is: by measuring the intensity of the infrared radiation emitted by the target, the surface temperature of the object is calculated, and it is not in contact with the object during the whole process. Therefore, when some high-temperature and dangerous industries need to monitor the temperature of objects, most of them use infrared temperature sensors for non-contact temperature measurement.

Infrared temperature sensor for sale

Renke RS-WD-HW infrared temperature sensor can perform non-contact temperature measurement of infrared radiation energy with a wavelength in the range of 8~14μm. It is an optoelectronic sensor that can convert the received infrared radiation into electrical signals, and display or output temperature through electronic circuit amplifiers, linearization, and signal processing.

In order to monitor the temperature of the object more accurately and avoid errors, the non-contact infrared temperature sensor developed and produced by Shandong Renke Measurement and Control requires the ratio of the distance between the sensor point to the object to be measured and the diameter of the object to be measured to be 20:1. For example, if the size of the measured object is 5 cm, then the distance between it and the sensor is 100 cm. At present, the distance between the non-contact infrared temperature measurement sensor and the measured object can reach up to 500 cm.