Shandong Renke Control Technology Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2015, with its headquarter located in Shandong New High-tech zone. specialized in the development、sales of environmental monitoring system, and providing technical services for customers. With its strong technical force and economic strength, Renke constantly develops new innovative products of the international level. And Renke is a leading environmental monitoring high technology enterprise in China, having branch offices and services centers all over the country, and serviced for more than 5000 enterprises.


Renke has a wide range of products, such as, temperature humidity sensor,temperature humidity data logger,duct temperature sensor,weather station,soil moisture sensor,wind sensor,rain gauge,gas sensor,gas detector,infrared temperature sensor,smoke detector,water leak detector,pressure sensor,water level sensor,temperature sensor probe, etc. They are widely used in industrial production, environmental monitoring, medicine and health, computer room management and other places.


Since its inception, Renke insists on the policy that"technology first, exquisite design, customer satisfied" we are careful with every detail. Every drawing has to be considered and revised repeatedly. Every products is the thought of designer.Renke will keep focusing on its customer-oriented and application-oriented strategy, and continue to make contributions to the environmental monitoring field.