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What Are The Types Of Temperature And Humidity Sensor Probes?

temperature humidity sensor probes

There are many types of temperature humidity sensor probes, and the following are commonly used in the industry: hardcover temperature humidity probes, waterproof temperature humidity probes, highly sensitive probes, high temperature probes, metal temperature humidity probes, and quarter-pipe threaded probes.

Hardcover temperature humidity sensor probes

The hardcover temperature and humidity probe adopt a hollow shell design, which greatly improves the response sensitivity while preventing the internal sensor from bumping. The disadvantage is that it is waterproof and not dustproof, so everyone should pay attention when choosing.

Waterproof temperature and humidity probe

The outer part of the waterproof temperature and humidity probe is made of PE material, which is waterproof, dustproof, and breathable. Water molecules can enter the sheath, but water droplets cannot enter the probe due to surface tension. Therefore, it can prevent water droplets from entering while measuring the humidity. This probe is widely used in environments such as soil, outdoor rain, and high humidity greenhouses.

Highly sensitive probe

This high-sensitivity probe has a double waterproof treatment as a whole to prevent condensation damage completely and is sensitive to water and dust. It is suitable for many occasions.

High-temperature probe

The outer sheath of the high-temperature probe is made of sintered copper particles, equipped with high-temperature cables, waterproof and durable, suitable for occasions where the measurement temperature is higher than 80 ℃.

Metal temperature and humidity probe

The metal temperature and humidity probe are made of sintered copper particles. It has the characteristics of air permeability and high-temperature resistance. It is dustproof but not waterproof. It is suitable for occasions with high dust but high sensitivity.

Quarter pipe thread probe

The temperature sensor probes adopt a standard quarter pipe thread, which is suitable for measuring the temperature and humidity inside the pipe.