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How To Use Negative Oxygen Ion Detector?

negative oxygen ion detector

Compared with the traditional electric plate type air negative ion detector, Renke negative oxygen ion detector designed with the principle of double concentric cylinders can effectively solve the inherent electrolytic edge effect of the parallel plate type negative ion detector. The double structure of the concentric cylinder itself The special air intake method can maintain the smoothness of the airflow and greatly improve the accuracy of the detection of the number of negative oxygen ions.

The negative oxygen ion monitor adopts the negative oxygen ion measuring unit imported from Switzerland to accurately measure negative oxygen ions. It also supports monitoring temperature and humidity, formaldehyde, particulate matter PM2.5PM10, TVOC and other factors, and displays the real-time value of all factors through the color touch screen ; It also supports data storage, data export, data transmission and other functions.

Operation method of portable negative oxygen ion monitor

1. Long press the “power button” to start, wait for about 50s, the device enters the “detecting” working state.

2. At this time, the touch screen of the monitor will display the real-time values of negative oxygen ions, temperature and humidity, formaldehyde, PM2.5PM10, TVOC, and the current date, time, working status, fan status and working gear in unused colors.

3. Click “System Settings” at the bottom of the device screen: select “Data Export”, you can view or delete the number of stored data, set the time interval for modifying the data storage; select “Other Settings” to adjust the current time Calibrate and view the version of the device.


In addition, “MODBUS setting” is used to add address and baud rate, negative oxygen ion, temperature and humidity, TVOC, formaldehyde, PM2.5PM10 settings, can be used for calibration, as shown below:

When using a negative oxygen ion monitor, someone will find that the negative oxygen ion value displayed by the detector is unstable and constantly changing? This is because negative oxygen ions are unstable. The negative oxygen ions in the air are constantly being produced and dying out. They will not increase indefinitely and will not stay for a long time.


This kind of negative oxygen ion detector with a color touch screen has a small appearance and built-in battery, which is convenient to carry. It can also be called a “portable negative oxygen ion detector”. It can be used for fixed monitoring in places such as scenic spots and passes 485 The data can be uploaded via the bus; it can also be carried to the place that needs to be monitored, and then the data can be exported through configuration software or U disk.


To ensure the accuracy of the monitoring data, the negative oxygen ion detector must first be placed vertically. Because the concentration of negative oxygen ions in different places is very different, the selection of equipment should be based on the specific conditions of the place where it is used. It depends. For example, when used in homes, offices, and other places, you can choose equipment with a smaller range; if it is used in the research of negative oxygen ion generators, scenic spots, and other environments with high negative oxygen ion concentration, try to choose a wide range of negative When using the oxygen ion monitor, to ensure the accuracy of the monitoring data, the air inlet and outlet are not blocked by objects.

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