Negative Ion Detector

Negative ion detector with color touch screen, real-time display of negative oxygen ion concentration in the air, optional measurement elements such as temperature and humidity, formaldehyde, PM, TVOC, optional select data storage and U disk export function. The equipment adopts standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, RS485 signal output, accurate measurement.

  • Model: RS-NEGO-N01-2-*
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $251.6~$566

How to use air ion tester

When the negative ion meter is running for a long time, the device may have an inaccurate measurement side. At this time, we need to perform zero adjustments for calibration. First, click on the system settings on the main interface, click on the “negative oxygen ion settings” on the system menu interface, enter the negative oxygen ion settings interface and click on “equipment zeroing”, enter the zeroing password: 1234321, cover the air inlet with the matching cover and wait for the screen to count down for the 60s After that, the negative ion meter automatically jumps to the main interface, at this time the working status is “Zero adjustments…”, wait for the working status to display “Detection…”, remove the cover of the air inlet, and the zero adjustments is complete.

U disk export data

First insert the USB flash drive into the USB interface, then click System Settings on the main interface, click Data Export on the system menu interface, and display the format of the USB flash drive as the inserted USB flash drive format (support FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), and display the capacity and availability of the USB flash drive Capacity, then click Plan Export, enter the number of data to be exported, click “Start Export”, wait for the prompt “Export Complete”, unplug the U disk to complete the export. The exported data is in EXCEL format.

Maintenance of negative ion meter

1. The collector, air inlet and outlet, fan, etc. should be cleaned once a month.
2. At least three months, a special inspection and cleaning, and maintenance of the collector, circuit, and gas circuit should be carried out.
3. Before the lightning-prone season of each year, the lightning protection grounding, the collector shell, and the outer box grounding should be inspected and maintained.

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More information you may ask

What are negative ions?

Negative oxygen ions are the free electrons generated by the ionization of molecules in the air under the action of high pressure or strong rays, and most of the free electrons are obtained by oxygen. One type of negatively charged oxygen ions (the electrons are negatively charged) that gain some electrons are called “negative oxygen ions“, and the other is the health killer superoxide radical.

Why do we need to detect negative oxygen ions?

The negative oxygen ions in the air have a good effect on the environment and the maintenance of human health. In medicine, negative oxygen ions are known as “vitamins in the air” and “longevity factor”. They can effectively decompose and reduce harmful gases in the air, making people feel refreshed and refreshed, enhancing skin elasticity, relieving aging, preventing health. They can improve respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, lower blood pressure, increase appetite, and regulate the body’s physiological functions.

What is the unit of concentration of negative ions?

Air negative ion concentration refers to the number of negative ions per unit volume of air, and its unit is pcs/cm3.

What is the working principle of the negative oxygen ion detector?

The overall structure of the negative oxygen ion detector is composed of 3 concentric cylinders. The outer cylinder body and the inner shaft are electrodes. When air passes through the cylinder, the ions hit the cylinder body and the shaft to generate discharge, and the discharge signal is recorded, so that it can be positive in the air. , The number and size of negative ions are measured.

How to obtain the manual of the negative oxygen ion detector?

You can contact us to get the manual by leaving a message or email.