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Portable Soil Tester From Renke

soil tester

RS-NPK-SC-1 is a soil tester developed by Renke that can quickly detect soil temperature, moisture content, electrical conductivity, and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium factors, and display the values on the LCD screen. The Renke soil tester is equipped with a 4000Mah lithium battery as standard. It can be used for more than 3 years in an environment of -20℃~60℃ through DC 3.7V power supply.

Before use, you need to press and hold the “ON key” to turn on the soil tachometer, then insert the steel needle of the tachometer vertically into the soil to be measured, and then press the “ON key”, it will start measuring immediately.


“Fast response and accurate monitoring” are the salient features of the soil rapid measuring instrument.


The RS-NPK-SC-1 soil tester is designed based on the TDR principle. It uses four stainless steel needle probes for three-dimensional detection, which can directly contact the soil; the response time of the rapid tester is extremely short (<1s), making the rapid tester in The values of various environmental factors in the soil are monitored in a very short time, and the performance is reliable to ensure accurate measurement.

The Renke Soil Moisture Tester uses linear sensor devices and digital compensation methods to display the real-time values of various elements in the monitored soil on the LCD screen in the form of a carousel so that the grower can accurately understand the content of each element in the soil.


For specific use, please adopt the method of multi-point monitoring and average value.


In order to make the monitoring results representative of the field soil temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity and the real-time status of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., at least five samples should be taken from one piece of land. More samples can be taken for larger fields. The sampling depth is generally based on the cultivated layer. (0-20cm) shall prevail.


Portable, small size and light weight are another feature of the soil speed measuring instrument.
The soil moisture measuring instrument adopts a hand-held design with a small appearance. The total height of the sensor is only 184.5mm and the diameter is only 45.6mm. It is convenient for users to carry, simple operation and reliable performance.


The shell of the tachometer is fully sealed, with a high degree of protection of IP68. Its steel needle is made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and toughness. The built-in needle calibration device can effectively ensure the consistency between the sensors and at the same time. Protect the function of the probe.

The quality of soil moisture directly affects the growth of crops throughout the growth period, and each crop has different requirements for soil moisture. Therefore, a timely understanding of the status of various components in the soil can guide the entire growth cycle of crops. Plays a very important role.

The Renke RS-NPK-SC-1 can accurately detect the condition of various factors in the soil; growers perform reasonable irrigation according to the data, scientifically fertilize, improve soil conditions, and keep crops in the best growth environment, which not only improves The yield and quality of crops can also effectively avoid the problem of land quality degradation caused by improper watering and fertilization.

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