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How To Install RS-YG-N01 Photoelectric Smoke Detector?

Tool materials: 1 smoke detector, certificate, warranty card, wiring instructions, etc. USB to 485 (optional).

Smoke detector wire connection

The power input can be 10~30V. When wiring the 485 signal wire, pay attention to the two wires A/B not reversed, and the addresses of multiple fire detectors on the bus cannot conflict.
Brown: positive power
Black: power negative
Yellow: 485-A
Blue: 485-B

Choose smoke detector where to install

When installed on the roof, it should be placed in the middle of the roof. If installed on a sloping or man-shaped roof, the smoke alarm should be kept at a certain distance from the roof. When the slope is less than 30°, the appropriate distance is 0.2m. When it is greater than 30°, The appropriate distance is 0.3m~0.5m.

Avoid installation environment

Under normal circumstances, there are places where smoke stays; places with heavy dust, water mist, steam, oil mist pollution, and corrosive gases; places with a relative humidity greater than 95%; places with ventilation speeds greater than 5m/s; places near fluorescent lamps.

Installation method

Punch two mounting holes with a diameter of 5mm on the ceiling 60mm apart, and fix the base of the detector on the ceiling with expansion plugs and screws.