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What Is Temperature And Humidity Display Panel?

temperature and humidity display panel

The temperature and humidity display panel integrates data acquisition technology, photoelectric display technology, and data transmission technology. It is composed of temperature and humidity sensors, digital tube display, housing and other parts. It is a kind of industrial-grade temperature and humidity transmitter, also called large temperature display, digital temperature and humidity display, etc.

The digital display part adopts a large-size digital tube with highlight display, which can still be displayed clearly under strong light, this temperature and humidity transmitter has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision and strong interchangeability, and supports 10-30V DC wide voltage Power supply.

Features of wall mount temperature display:

1. Information collection: The temperature display panel supports both built-in and extension probes. It has a built-in imported high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, which is sensitive and can respond quickly, and collects real-time information of air temperature and relative humidity with high precision.


2. Data upload: The temperature and humidity sensor will transmit the collected real-time data to the processor, and after processing by the imported industrial-grade micro-processing chip used internally, it will be RS485 (Modbus protocol), 4~20mA, 0~10V as required Or 0~5V signal to output data to support connection to controllers, PLC modules, etc. If you connect to the environment monitoring host, you can also upload via GPRS/4G wireless mode to realize remote data viewing and equipment management.


3. Over-limit alarm: RS485 temperature and humidity display panel adopts standard ModBus-RTU communication protocol, supports display panel shell, sound and light alarm display panel shell, relay display panel shell (relay passive output) and other shells. The temperature and humidity display panel with sound and light alarm, through the 485 configuration software, add the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity in the form of an inquiry frame, when the temperature and humidity in the environment exceed the set limit, the temperature and humidity display panel will be issued on the spot Audible alarm.

Installation method of temperature and humidity display panel:

1. Wall-mounted installation: There are two installation holes on the back of the temperature and humidity display panel (see the figure above for dimensions). First, make two holes in the wall or other fixed planes. Go to the screw.

2. Suspended installation: Two rings are designed on the top of the temperature and humidity display panel. When used in hospital corridors or agricultural greenhouses, they can be fixed to the upper part of the space by ropes for easy value viewing.

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