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What Is The Role Of Sensors In Smart Homes?


The application of sensors in life is the smart home system. The smart home system is composed of sensors, actuators, control centers, communication networks, and other parts. Various types of sensors are used to obtain various data on the indoor environment. At present, the more commonly used sensors in the home are temp and humidity sensors, smoke sensors, and formaldehyde transmitter, etc.

The temperature and relative humidity sensor is an essential part of the smart home. People live in an environment where the temperature is about 20℃ and the humidity is between 40% and 80%. The temperature and humidity sensor monitors the indoor temperature and humidity in real-time and displays the value through the LCD, so we can know in real-time If you want to keep the current temperature and humidity constant, you can set an over-limit value on the sensor. Once the temperature or humidity exceeds the limit, the smart home system can automatically link and start the relevant cooling and dehumidifying devices.

Formaldehyde can stimulate human skin and mucous membranes and cause huge damage to the human body, and it can also be latent for up to 15 years. Install a formaldehyde sensor with an OLED display at home to monitor the concentration of indoor formaldehyde in real time, avoid excessive indoor formaldehyde content, and provide protection for the health of the family.

A smoke alarm is a sensor that must be installed in every household. The smoke detector on wall developed and produced by Renke Measurement and Control can not only play a role in smoke monitoring but also has a buzzer inside it. Once smoke is found, it will emit a strong alarm sound as soon as possible to avoid or reduce the impact of fire on people. hurt.

ensors support the context of the entire smart home control system, which is equivalent to the “nerve endings” of the entire system and is of great significance to the transmission of information and the intelligence of commands.

To keep the indoor environment comfortable, environmentally friendly, and safe, the sensors play a role in monitoring and providing data for the control center in the smart home system, which improves the automation monitoring level of the IoT smart home system.

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