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Industrial temperature and humidity sensor wall mount

This sensor is a cheap wall-mounted temperature and humidity sensor. The shell adopts IP65 high protection grade, which can not only effectively prevent rain and snow erosion, but also ensure air permeability, can be used for outdoor temperature and humidity monitoring. Our sensors provide highly accurate relative humidity and temperature readings over a wide working range. It is a typical industrial temperature and humidity sensor.

  • Model: RS-WS-*-2-*
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $25.16

Temperature and humidity sensor features

This temp and humidity sensor is a wall mounted type temperature humidity instrument and has two output modes: modbus temperature humidity sensor and analog temperature humidity sensor. Analog output includes three output modes: 0-5v, 0-10v and 4-20ma. The shell of the temperature and humidity sensor is waterproof and dustproof, widely used in greenhouses, factories, production workshops, apartments, schools and warehouses.


Power supply: DC 10-30V
Temperature range: -40℃~+120℃, default: -40℃~+80℃
Humidity range: 0%RH-100%RH
External probe accuracy: ±2%RH, ±0.4℃(25℃)
Built-in probe accuracy: ±3%RH, ±0.5℃(25℃)
Resolution: 0.1℃, 0.1%RH
Long-term stability: humidity ≤1%RH/y, temperature ≤0.1℃/y
Response time: humidity ≤4s (1m/s wind speed), temperature ≤15s (1m/s wind speed)
Output signal: RS485 (Modbus protocol)/4-20ma/0-5v/0-10v
Installation method: wall-mounted

High precision

The overall design of the RS-WS-*-2-* temperature and humidity sensor is a closed structure, which effectively blocks the contact between the circuit board and the external environment. The built-in probe effectively prevents the interference of sand, dust, and wet weather. The whole meets the requirements of the IP65 protection class

Wide range

The temperature measurement range of RS-WS-*-2-* temperature and humidity sensor are minus 40 degrees to 120 degrees, and the humidity range is 0~100%RH, which can meet the requirements of most users. Other measurement ranges can be achieved by replacing the probe.

Cheap price

Renke is a professional OEM manufacturer, has been engaged in temperature and humidity sensor production for decades, and has a complete production line and patented technology. Our service tenet is to use professional technology to provide users with high-quality and cheap price sensors.

Long use life

The RS-WS-*-2-* temperature and humidity sensor can be used for 5 years in a normal environment, and our company provides buyers with a two-year warranty. It can be used in the outdoor environment for a long time. It is an industrial-grade temperature and humidity sensor.

Delivery fast

We have huge production lines and warehouses, which can quickly supply goods to agents at home and abroad. Large In-Stock, and we guarantee delivery within 24 hours after payment.

This is a data monitoring platform independently developed by our company. You can add multiple sensors for monitoring, and there is no limit to the number. Support login via computer or mobile app. Please contact us for a free test account and password.

This temperature and humidity sensor is designed to be used in a variety of harsh environments. The solid housing can block dust, water vapor and other damage to the sensor. Provide you with long-term stable temperature and humidity monitoring.

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What is the housing material of this industrial temperature and humidity sensor?

The shell is made of high-strength ABS plastic material

Where is the application?

As for the outdoor temperature and humidity, because it adopts a closed design, it is mostly used in outdoor and on-site environments where the environment is harsh. When used indoors, it is widely used in communication rooms, warehouse buildings, and automatic control, and other places that require temperature monitoring. Because of the advantages of wall-mounted design, it can be used as a temperature and humidity sensor for a greenhouse. It can be connected to the field digital display meter, PLC, frequency converter, industrial control host, and other equipment. It is safe and reliable, beautiful in appearance, and easy to install.

How long is the wiring of this temperature and humidity sensor?

The default line length is 0.6m, which can be customized.

How to calibrate the sensor?

Our sensors have been calibrated before they leave the factory, and there is no need for customers to perform secondary calibration.