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How To Install The Wind Direction Sensor?

wind direction sensor

Materials: wind direction sensor, mounting screws, USB to 485, 485 terminal resistance.

Step one Interface Description:

Wide-voltage power input can be 10~30V. 485 When wiring the signal wire, pay attention to A\B The two wires cannot be connected reversely.

Addresses between two devices cannot conflict.

Step two Electrical wiring

Step three Field wiring instructions:

When multiple 485 devices are connected to the same bus, there are certain requirements for on-site wiring, and the wiring is by the 485 modes.

Step Four Installation method:

Flange installation is adopted, and the threaded flange connection makes the lower pipe fitting of the wind direction sensor firmly fixed on the flange, and the chassis Ø80mm, open four mounting holes of Ø4.5mm on the circumference of Ø68mm, and fix it on the bracket tightly with bolts, keep the whole set of instruments at the best level to ensure the accuracy of wind direction data.


Do not disassemble by yourself, let alone touch the sensor core, to avoid damage to the product

Keep away from high-power interference equipment as much as possible to avoid inaccurate measurements, such as inverters and motors. The power supply must be disconnected when installing or disassembling the transmitter. Water in the sensor may cause irreversible changes.

Prevent chemical reagents, oil, dust, etc. from directly invading the sensor, do not use it for a long time under condensation and extreme temperature environments, and strictly prevent thermal shock.