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How To Choose Air Quality Monitors In Different Places?

air quality monitor

What is an air quality monitor?

An instrument used to detect air quality can be called an air quality monitor. However, due to the extensive content of air quality, the principles of the instruments used are different. Therefore, in general, a device with the ability to detect several basic air pollutant parameters in the environment is suitable for being called an air quality monitor.

Why do we need to test the air quality?

Clean air is composed of 78.06% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% rare gas, and other gases. These three gases account for about 99.94% of the total air, and the sum of other gases is less than one-thousandth.
A clean atmosphere is one of the necessary conditions for human survival. A person who does not eat or drink water for a short time can still maintain life, but if he does not breathe air for more than 5 minutes, he will die. The human body needs to inhale 10-12 cubic meters of air every day. Therefore, good air quality is a prerequisite for the healthy development of human beings.
Air quality monitors have many different appearances due to different brands and manufacturers. This article provides users with several cheap and good quality air quality monitors from indoor and outdoor use environments.

Best indoor air quality monitor recommendations:

home air quality monitor

The room air quality monitor is equipped with a photosensitive sensor on the side, which can automatically sense the intensity of the light in the environment, thereby automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen. When the external light is very strong, the display screen of the device will automatically increase the brightness to ensure that the display is clear. At night when the light is dim, the brightness is automatically reduced to ensure that it is not dazzling.


Home air quality monitor comes with a 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside, equipped with a standard micro USB charging port for charging. There is a charging indicator on the side, which displays red when charging and green when fully charged. It can be used continuously for 2-3 hours after it is fully charged.


This air quality monitor device uses a color LCD to display the concentration of pollutants and alarm status in real-time.


The room air quality monitor working principle is to accurately measure the concentration of pollutants through its internal imported sensors, and calculate the air quality index AQI, and give an alarm when the concentration exceeds the standard. The principle of the air quality monitor is to detect the signals of the front-end formaldehyde sensor, PM2.5 sensor, TVOC sensor, and temperature and humidity sensor, amplify the weak signal of the sensor through an operational amplifier, and remove noise interference through a filter circuit, and then collect it through AD and use The 32-bit high-precision CPU processes the calculations, and then converts them into pollutant concentration values and displays them on the LCD screen.


This wireless air quality sensor is a product that can detect formaldehyde, PM2.5, TVOC, and temperature and humidity in real-time. It is compact and easy to carry. Mainly used in the indoor environment.

Wallmount indoor air quality monitor

This wall-mounted air quality monitor is mainly used to measure the concentration of particulate matter, that is, the concentration of two pollutants PM2.5 and PM10. This is an industrial air quality monitor. The shell design adopts a fully enclosed structure to effectively prevent water and dust, and it can be used normally even in high-concentration industrial environments. This industrial-grade air quality sensor requires higher accuracy and a wider measurement range.

This pm2.5 air quality monitor working principle is developed based on the principle of light scattering: particles and molecules will scatter light under the irradiation of light and absorb part of the light energy at the same time. When a beam of parallel monochromatic light is incident on the particle field to be measured, it is affected by the scattering and absorption around the particle, and the light intensity is attenuated.


This air quality sensor has a high degree of protection and high measurement accuracy. It is widely used in warehouses, libraries, archives, industrial plants, and other places that need PM2.5 concentration monitoring.

Multifunctional air quality sensor

The multifunctional indoor air quality monitor is an air environment comprehensive index monitor that is used to simultaneously detect PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity, pressure, light, TVOC, O2, carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), formaldehyde (CH2O), etc. The function is very powerful, basically covering various indicators reflecting air quality. The transmitter adopts the original imported sensor and computing chip, which has high precision, high resolution, and good stability.

Multifunctional air quality sensor

This all in one air quality monitor adopts a white disc appearance design sense, whether it is hanging or placed indoors, it can be perfectly integrated with other furniture. There are many air-permeable small holes on the shell, which can effectively ensure the free circulation of air and make the measurement accuracy higher.


This all in one air quality monitor can greatly save costs and reduce installation work for users of multi-element measurement. Widely used in building HVAC, building energy-saving, smart homes, schools, hospitals, airport stations, and other places.

Portable air quality monitor

The portable air quality monitor is a device used to quickly detect the concentration of particulate matter in the air and certain specific gases. It is usually divided into two types: diffusion and pumping. The diffusion type is detected by the corresponding sensor through the airflow into the inside of the device, and then the reading is displayed. The accuracy of this measurement method is affected by the current airflow rate, and the response is relatively slow. The pumping type uses an external air pump to suck in the current ambient air for detection, so its measurement accuracy is higher and the response is more sensitive.

This handheld air quality monitor adopts an integrated replacement design, is equipped with a suitcase, is convenient to carry, and is used for detection in a variety of different environments. Besides, this handheld air quality monitor can be used to measure the air quality in certain confined spaces or pipes because it can be connected to an external suction pump. It has a variety of models to choose from, and you can select the corresponding monitoring elements according to your requirements, such as PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, O3, SO2, NH3, and so on.


This portable air quality monitor working principle is to detect the concentration of pollutants through a built-in electrochemical sensor. It has strong anti-interference ability, high alarm reliability, and long service life, so it is often used in power plants, mines, sewers, and other places where flammable and explosive gas mixtures exist.

Best outdoor air quality monitor recommendations:

This is a device that can be used for outdoor air quality testing for a long time. It is made of white ABS waterproof material. The surrounding structure is similar to shutters. The blades are inclined at 45° with the horizontal surface, and the surrounding air can circulate freely. The inside can prevent the measurement of the air quality sensor module, even if it is used in the outdoor environment for a long time, it can also effectively prevent rain, snow, wind and sand, and anti-ultraviolet rays.

This outside air quality monitor is usually used together with an outdoor environmental weather station, with high measurement accuracy, no maintenance, and low price. It is the best choice for outdoor environmental monitoring.

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