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PM2.5 PM10 Sensor

This pm sensor mainly adopts a wall-mounted installation method to detect the concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 in the room. The shell is made of high-strength waterproof material, which is not easily interfered with by water vapor and smoke in the air. This is an industrial cheap air quality sensor with high measurement accuracy and a wider range of use.

  • Model: RS-PM-*-2
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $36.7

PM sensor description

The working principle of the RS-PM-*-2 industrial pm2.5 pm10 sensor is: using the principle of laser scattering measurement, and the scientific and unique algorithm calculates the particle mass concentration of the equivalent particle size per unit volume. This PM2.5&PM10 sensor delivers fast, accurate, and stable performance can be used stand-alone or as the foundation of an OEM indoor air quality PM detector. This pm2.5/pm10 sensor uses a 10-30V wide voltage power supply, with RS485, 4-20ma, 0-5v, 0-10v, and other output methods.

PM sensor features

1. Range: 0-1000ug/m3, resolution 1ug/m3.
2. PM2.5 and PM10 are output at the same time.
3. Unique dual-frequency data acquisition and automatic calibration technology, the consistency can reach ±10%.
4. Long service life, the overall warranty is 2 years in a normal environment.

pm2.5 pm10 sensor parameters

Power supply: 10-30VDC
Operating temperature: -20℃~+60℃,0%RH~80%RH
Measure range:
PM2.5: 0~1000ug/m3
PM10: 0~1000ug/m3
Resolution: 1ug/m3
Accuracy: ±3%FS(@100μg/m3,25℃,50%RH)

Responding speed: ≤90S
Preheat time: ≤2min
Output signal: RS485/0-5v/0-10v/4-20ma

PM sensor application

This iot air quality sensor can be used on a variety of different occasions. It can be used to monitor outdoor meteorological environments. It can be used with other gas sensors to monitor industrial waste gas. It is installed in libraries, warehouses, supermarkets, office buildings, and other indoor areas to detect particulate matter concentration. It can also be used in greenhouse planting and livestock breeding industries.

Other types of air quality sensor for you

This aqi sensor can measure multiple elements at the same time, supports up to 11 elements at the same time, and supports wifi and rs485 output.

This outdoor pm sensor can be used with weather stations. While measuring PM, other meteorological elements can be added for monitoring.

This portable 4-in-1 gas detector can measure co, o2, h2s, and combustible gases. Can be carried with you, 8 hours long standby.

This air quality monitor can measure up to 15 air indicators at the same time, with RS485, wifi and ethernet outputs.

This air quality sensor adopts wall-mounted installation, and the overall shell is made of abs waterproof material, which can be used in harsh environments. At the bottom are two external probes, one measuring PM2.5 concentration and the other measuring PM10 concentration.

Advantages of Renke pm2.5 air quality sensor

Renke pm sensor can long-term uninterrupted monitoring of PM2.5 and PM10, accurate and stable performance. Supporting mobile phones and PC to check the data at any time. Very convenient for customers.

Our air quality sensors have various certifications, such as ISO9001, RoHS, FCC, CE certification and so on. The products have been tested by the National Metrology Institute and are accurate and reliable.

We are an OEM manufacturer, so we can offer you the best air quality sensor price. We have big in stock, can ship immediately. If you are confused about which iot air quality sensor to choose, we can assist you in finding the right sensor for your requirements. Contact us!

We provide customized services, such as: logo, label, appearance, function, etc. If you want to carry out secondary development, we can provide you with a secondary development package.


More informations about our pm 2.5 pm10 sensors

what is an air quality sensor?

The air quality sensor is a device that detects the concentration of particulate matter in the air and can be used in indoor or outdoor environments.

how does the air quality sensor work?

The laser scattering measurement principle is used to measure the concentration of particulate matter in the air.

air quality sensor measure what?

Our air quality sensor is mainly used to measure PM2.5 and PM10 in the air. If you need to measure other pollutants, you can choose our multifunctional air quality sensor.

Where can I find out more information?

To protect the patented technical parameters, please contact us for a manual.

How to check the data of this air quality sensor?

Our company provides a free cloud platform. You can log in to the platform through your mobile phone or computer to view real-time or historical data, and support data export and secondary development. Multiple locations and multiple devices can be managed in a unified manner.

How to calibrate the air quality sensor?

Our air quality sensor has been calibrated before leaving the factory, and customers can install and apply it directly without secondary calibration.

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