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Solar Radiation Shield

It is commonly used on weather stations to protect sensors from the sun and rain. Due to the dense ventilation holes around the radiation shield, the shield can ensure that users get more accurate measurement results. The solar radiation shield has built-in multiple sensors, which can measure temperature, humidity, light, noise, atmospheric pressure, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, and other elements at the same time.

  • Model: RS-BYH-M
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $25.2~$154

About - Solar radiation shield

This solar radiation shield can protect the built-in sensor from direct solar radiation and sun reflection from the ground. The high-strength anti-ultraviolet material can make it work in rain, snow, strong wind or harsh outdoor environment for a long time. Low thermal conductivity, avoiding measurement errors caused by direct sunlight.

solar radiation shield for temperature

Solar radiation shield description

The outdoor solar radiation shield is a high-quality product that can protect the sensor from the weather and avoid errors caused by solar radiation and precipitation, thereby ensuring data accuracy. It is suitable for different environmental sensors, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise, light, CO2, PM2.5, PM10 sensors, etc. This solar radiation shield has the characteristics of sturdiness, high flexibility, low thermal conductivity, and UV resistance, making it widely suitable for outdoor harsh environments.

Advanced technology

Air can flow freely through the shield to ensure that the sensor works normally with accurate data in a ventilated environment. The combination of panel geometry, sturdy materials, and natural ventilation can achieve effective shielding. It also supports the integration of various sensors. Even in direct sunlight, the Renke solar radiation shield can accurately measure the current ambient temperature.

Long using time

The geometric design of our radiation shield can protect the sensor from all directions. The durable waterproof shell is made of high-quality anti-ultraviolet materials and has a long service life. Different plates can be selected according to different places of use. There are 6~12 plates that can be chosen. Ease to installation.

Sun radiation shield datasheets

DC power supply10-30VDC
Maximum power consumptionRS485Output0.8W
Measure RangeTemperature-40℃~+120℃
Atmospheric pressure0-120Kpa
PM10 PM2.50-1000ug/m3
Atmospheric pressure±0.15Kpa@25℃ 101Kpa
CO2±(50ppm+ 3%F·S) @(25℃,400~5000ppm)
Long-term stabilityTemperature≤0.1℃/y
Atmospheric pressure-0.1Kpa/y
PM10 PM2.5≤1ug/m3/y
Types of plates4, 6, 8, 12(other plates can be customized)
MaterialSpecial engineering plastics against radiation & Stainless steel screw
Install accessories(attached)Stainless steel bracket
Operating temperature-40℃-+75℃

Radiation shield features

1. Improve measurement accuracy by shading and allowing air circulation.
2. High protection grade IP68, durable waterproof material, can be used normally in bad weather.
3. Good compatibility, multiple sensor modules can be stored inside, so a variety of meteorological parameters can be measured.
4. The integrated bracket and keyhole are easy to install and can be installed on flat and curved surfaces.

solar radiation shield size


In order to prevent the upward heat from the soil from affecting the sensor readings, how high above the ground do I need to install it?

To get more accurate readings, you can install the sensor at a height of 9 feet from the ground.

What type of plastic material is the Acurite Radiation Shield made of? e.g ABS plastic? Styrene?

The solar shield is made out of ABS.

Are the gaps thru the sides small enough to keep wasps from building nests?

Yes, the ventilation gap is small enough to allow only air to circulate and no insects are allowed to enter.

How to install a solar radiation shield?

1. The solar radiation shield is installed on the weather station and can be directly fixed with expansion screws through the bracket.

solar radiation shield install

2.The solar radiation shield is installed on a wall, pole, or other location, and can be installed by bending the plate.

solar radiation shield installation

Where to use solar radiation shield?

The radiation shield is widely used in various occasions that need to measure environmental temperature and humidity, noise, air quality, atmospheric pressure, and illumination. It is safe and reliable, beautiful in appearance, easy to install, and durable.

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