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Portable 4 gas detector

4 gas detector is a portable gas analyzer that can measure four gases at the same time. It is generally used to detect oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and combustible gases. This multi gas detector shell is made of high-strength engineering plastics and composite non-slip rubber, with high strength and good hand feeling. It waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof.

  • Model: RS-MG41-1
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $106.9

About - 4 gas detector

RS-MG41-1 4 gas analyzer can store up to 130,000 test data and can view historical data at any time with the software. This wireless gas detector is simple to use and easy to maintain, meeting the requirements of industrial safety for testing equipment.

gas detector size

Best multi gas detector

RS-MG41-1 is a portable multi gas detector developed by our company for explosive or toxic environments. The working principle of this gas detector is to detect gas by natural diffusion, and it has built-in electrochemical and combustion gas sensors, which have excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability. It can detect four kinds of gases: oxygen, combustible gas, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide.

Features of 4 gas detector

1. The RS-MG41-1 gas detector shell has high strength and belongs to an intrinsically safe explosion-proof product.
2. High-definition color screen design, easy to check the gas status.
3. High and low limit alarm values can be set.
4. Full-featured self-test, the RS-MG41-1 adopts three-alarm functions of sound, light, and vibration.
5. Shortcut keys to quickly turn on and off the sound alarm and storage mode.
6. Large-capacity battery, the device can be used continuously for at least 8 hours in the always-on mode.

4 in 1 gas detector

Parameters - 4 in 1 gas detector

Gas leak detector detectionCOH2SEx
Range0-1000 ppm0-100ppm0-100% LEL0-30.0% VOL
Checking content75/300/700 ppm20/50 / 80ppm10% / 40% / 60% LEL5% / 15% / 25% VOL
Reading errorAbsolute error: ± 5ppm± 5 ppm± 5% FS± 3% FS
Relative error: ± 10%
Duplicate value for money≤ 2%≤ 2%≤ 2%≤ 1%
Zero drift± 3ppm± 5ppm± 2% FS± 1%
Duration drift± 5%± 5ppm± 3% FS± 1%
Alarm values50 / 150ppm10 / 35ppm20/50% LEL19.5 / 23.5% VOL
Response timeDiffuse≤ 60s
Signaling device typeLow and high alarm, multiple gas alarm, touch alarm, low battery alarm, fast tone, automatic shutdown alarm
Working temperatureTemperature -10 ℃ -50 ℃; Humidity <95% RH non-condensing
Operating VolDC3.7V (3000mAh lithium battery capacity)
Explosion-proof markEx ib IIB T3 Gb
Protection classIP65
BacklightAutomatically turns on when working in low light or when an alarm sounds, or the button is tied down.
Charging time6h-8h
Standby time:More than 8h continuous

This portable four-in-one gas detector adopts the diffusion working principle, you can use the buttons to manually adjust the alarm value, measurement range, alarm mode, and other parameters. Equipped with a suitcase, you can carry it with you to measure the gas concentration in different locations.

Features of 4 gas detector

What do 4 gas monitors detect?

The 4 gas monitor can simultaneously detect the concentration of combustible gas-%LEL, oxygen-O2, carbon monoxide-CO, and hydrogen sulfide-H2S. It is the most widely used personal gas monitor. It can be found in industrial, mineral, medical, or confined space workers around the world.

What is gas detector calibration?

Gas detector calibration is a requirement for all gas sensors. This is the act of exposing the sensor to a target gas of a specific concentration and then adjusting the detector to correctly read the gas concentration. When the target gas is not in the air, many sensors also need to use zero gas to adjust the voltage being output. This process needs to be operated by professional technicians.

How does a multi gas detector work?

The gas enters the inside of the device through natural diffusion, is detected by the built-in gas sensor module, and converts the value into an electrical signal for output.

What does LEL mean in gas?

LEL is “Lower Explosive Limit”, which refers to the lowest concentration of combustible gas that explodes in the air when exposed to an open flame.

How many types of gas detectors are there?

Gas detectors come packaged into two main form factors: portable devices and fixed gas detectors.

Where to download this 4 gas detector manual?

To protect the patented technical parameters, please contact us for a manual.

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