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What Effect Does Temperature Have On Computer Systems?

temperature effect

Low temperature effect

1. Low temperature can cause problems such as IT equipment operation, insulation materials, and batteries. When the temperature in the computer room is too low, some IT equipment will not operate normally.


2. When the ambient temperature of the computer room is lower than 5°C, the communication equipment will not operate normally; when the ambient temperature of the computer room is lower than -40°C, the lead-acid battery cannot provide energy.


3. At low temperatures, the insulating material will become hard and brittle, so that the structural strength is also weakened. For the bearing and mechanical transmission part, because the lubricating oil carried by itself is condensed, the viscosity increases and the viscosity appears.


4. When the temperature is too low, the flux with high tin content will be dismembered, thereby reducing the strength of the electrical connection and even failures such as a desoldering and short circuit.

How to solve this problem?

Computer room environment monitoring system

The equipment in the computer room is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and untimely monitoring may have adverse effects, and timely and effective monitoring is required. The environmental monitoring system of Renke’s computer room can centrally monitor the temperature and humidity of the computer room. In addition to monitoring the temperature and humidity, it can also monitor whether the computer room is out of power, water leakage, access control, security, and fire protection.

The system is based on network-integrated wiring and adopts distributed monitoring. The monitoring host, temperature and humidity sensors, water leakage detector, smoke detectors, power failure alarms, human infrared detectors are placed in the monitoring room of the computer room, and the monitoring software is run to monitor the environmental parameters of the computer room. And the show, monitor the running status and working parameters of each system equipment in real-time, and find component failures or parameter abnormalities, will immediately record historical data and alarm events through telephone, a short message and other alarm methods, provide intelligent expert diagnosis suggestions and remote monitoring Management functions and Web browsing, etc.

Why choose Renke computer room environmental monitoring system?

1.Real-time display of the working status and operating parameters of the monitored field monitoring equipment.


2. It can remotely turn on/off the monitored equipment at the monitoring site, and adjust the configuration parameters of the monitoring equipment remotely.


3. According to the rules of alarm confirmation, shielding, and printing, sound, and light prompt the alarm, and automatically handles the alarm.


4. The alarm condition, alarm level, and whether the alarm is shielded can be set and modified online by the system administrator according to the on-site situation.


5. According to the alarm type, level, time, location, shielding, and other factors, the relevant personnel can be automatically notified of the alarm by predetermined rules. The notification method can include on-site sound and light alarm, telephone, mobile phone text message or E-mail, etc.


6. Statistic query equipment historical data, alarm records, operation records, etc., and print reports.


7. Provide multi-level management authority to ensure system security.


8. There are perfect and convenient maintenance, query, and statistics functions.


9. Automatically complete data storage and recovery when the network is abnormal.