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Positioning Water Leakage Detector

It is a positioning water leakage detector that adopts the standard Modbus-RTU protocol, can detect a liquid leakage sensor cable up to 200 meters in length. The liquid leakage sensor cable immediately sounds the alarm after detecting the liquid leakage and transmits the alarm signal to the integrated terminal while attracting the relay, and displays the position of the water leakage on the LED screen.

  • Model: RS-SJ-DW-N01-R01-1
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $62.9~$156.2

About - Water Leakage Detector

This positioning water leakage sensor is a device designed for waterless environments such as computer rooms. It is convenient to monitor whether there is water leakage in the computer room in real-time and quickly determine the leakage point. After the leaking rope detects water leakage, it will immediately alarm and control the relay to turn off.

water leak alarm

Water leakage detector features

1. smart water leak detector adopts the standard MODBUS-RTU communication method.
2. Alarm mode: relay, sound alarm, RS485 mode alarm, LCD screen display alarm
3. The LCD screen adopts a 128*64 high-definition display LCD screen, which can visually check the location of water leakage.
4. The water leak detector device detects that the minimum cable length is 5 meters, and the maximum cable length can be extended to 200 meters.
The LED screen adopts a 128*64 high-definition display LCD screen, which can intuitively check the location of water leakage. The water leakage detector can be used as a stand-alone unit, and can also be networked with other collection hosts. In addition to this, we also have an economical water leak detector.

Water leakage detector parameters

  • Supply voltage: 10-30V DC
    Power: 0.35W
  • Positioning display: LED screen display
  • Relay load capacity: 250V 10A
  • Serial interface: Standard MODBUS-RTU communication
  • Working environment: -30~60℃, 10~80%RH (no condensation)
  • Storage environment: -20~50℃, 10~80%RH (no condensation)
  • Installation method: 35 rail installation

About - Water Leakage Detector

the water leak detector is mainly suitable for leak detection in important places such as data rooms, communication base stations, warehouses, libraries, museums, and industrial sites.

water leak system
Water leak sensor system diagram

The water leak detector can be used as an independent unit, not connected to the 485 output part, or can be integrated as a detection point. The position of the device’s water leakage rope is connected to the outlet line, and the outlet line part does not detect water leakage. The zero points of water leakage detection start from the connection point of the water leakage rope and the outlet line. The length of the leaking rope detected by the equipment does not include the length of the jumper wire.

The water leak detector can be connected to an alarm device or a control switch.

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