Where Are Gas Sensors Used?

gas sensors

Different application fields of gas sensors

The application of gas sensors in the civilian field is mainly reflected in: in the kitchen, detecting the leakage of civil gas such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and city gas, and automatically controlling the cooking of the microwave oven by detecting the gas generated during the cooking of the food in the microwave oven; housing, building, Conference rooms, and public entertainment venues use carbon dioxide sensors, smoke sensors, ozone sensors, etc., to control the automatic operation of air purifiers or electric fans; in some high-rise buildings, gas sensors can also be used to detect fire signs and alarm.

In the industrial field, gas sensors are mainly used in the petrochemical industry. Some carbon dioxide sensors, ammonia sensors, nitric oxide sensors, etc. can be used in specific applications for detecting harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, and chlorine. Besides, it can be used to detect organic solvents and toxic gases such as phosphorane in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries; in the power industry, hydrogen sensors can detect hydrogen generated during the deterioration of power transformer oil; and in the food industry, gas sensors can also detect meat The freshness of perishable foods such as other foods; the detection of oxygen in the exhaust gas in automobile and kiln industries, and the detection of ethanol concentration in driver’s breath in highway traffic, etc., also have a wide range of needs.

Of course, when it comes to environmental monitoring that is closest to life, gas sensors are naturally inseparable. For example, sensors are used to detect nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, hydrogen chloride, and other gases that cause acid rain; carbon dioxide sensors, ozone sensors, freons, etc. detect greenhouse gases. I believe that in the future, after further transformation of the gas sensor, its application range will become wider and wider, and we will see the application of gas sensors on more occasions.