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Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor

RS-NO2-*-2 nitrogen dioxide sensor is an industrial gas sensor. It adopts a wall-mounted installation method and is convenient to use. With our free cloud platform, remote monitoring can be achieved. The no2 sensor measuring range is 0-20ppm or 0-2000ppm. The output mode is R485, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20ma.

  • Model: RS-NO2-*-2
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $140.5~$180.1

About - Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor

This electrochemical no2 sensor has a high degree of protection and can be used in harsh environments. We offer you a free cloud platform for the data view.

NO2 sensor datasheets

Power supply: 10-30VDC
Measure range: 0-20ppm(Customized)
Detection accuracy: ±5%FS
Resolution: 0.1ppm
Temp&Humidity range: -40~ 80℃, 0-100%RH
Accuracy: ±0.5℃(25℃), ±3%RH(60%RH,25℃)
Working environment: -20~50℃, 15%RH-90%RH
Stability: ≤2% signal value/month
Output signal: RS485/4-20MA/0-5V/0-10V

nitrogen dioxide sensor details
no2 sensor size

Wall mount no2 sensor features

1. Imported first-line brand electrochemical sensors are used, which are stable and durable.
2. The range 0-20ppm, 0-2000ppm is optional, other ranges can also be customized.
3. The measurement accuracy is high, and the repeatability is up to ±2%.
4. Optional high-quality OLED display, the value can be viewed directly on-site, and can be displayed clearly at night.
5. On-site power supply adopts a 10~30V DC wide-voltage power supply, which can adapt to a variety of on-site DC power supplies.

FAQ - Wall Mount Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor

What is NO2?

NO2 is nitrogen dioxide, a brown-red, highly reactive gaseous substance. Nitrogen oxide is the general term for nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other nitrogen oxides, and nitrogen dioxide plays an important role in the formation of ozone. Man-made nitrogen dioxide mainly comes from the release of high-temperature combustion processes, such as exhaust emissions from motor vehicles and power plants. Domestic stoves and gas stoves also produce considerable amounts of nitrogen dioxide.

Where to use the nitrogen dioxide sensor?

Nitrogen dioxide tends to accumulate in large quantities in the goaf, mining face, return air tunnel, and other places in underground coal mines. For safety reasons, coal mine enterprises will install nitrogen dioxide sensor in these places to monitor the nitrogen dioxide gas in real-time. In addition to being used in the coal industry, nitrogen dioxide sensors are also widely used in chemical, meteorological and other industries to monitor the nitrogen dioxide gas content.

What is a nitrogen dioxide sensor?

A nitrogen dioxide sensor is an instrument used to detect the concentration of nitrogen dioxide and usually has an alarm function.

What is the working principle of the NO2 sensor?

The nitrogen dioxide sensor uses the electrochemical working principle. It works based on the diffusion of NO2 gas into the sensor and converts the measured NO2 concentration into electrical signal output. Although the concentration of nitrogen dioxide is low, it can still be accurately and reliably measured.

How long do NO2 sensors last?

Under normal circumstances, our NO2 sensor can be used for 5 years.

How to get the manual of the NO2 sensor?

You can leave us a message or email to get the manual.

FAQ - Wall Mount Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor

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