CO2 Sensor

co2 sensor adopts a new type of infrared verification technology for CO2 concentration measurement, and the response is rapid and sensitive. We offer two types of co2 sensor range for options: 0-5000ppm and 0-10000ppm. This carbon dioxide sensor adopts an ABS waterproof shell. It is a professional industrial co2 sensor. The co2 sensor price is as follows:

  • Model: RS-CO2*-*-2
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $50~$81.6

Why choose Renke co2 sensor?

Good stability: The high-strength housing can effectively reduce the influence of water vapor, dust, light, and other factors in the external environment on the sensor, and the measurement data is effective and reliable. Renke is 15 years top industrial gas detectors manufacturer. Industry-Leading brand CO2 sensor with reliable NDIR technology innovation. Excellent Quality Control.


High precision: The gas-permeable membrane on the sensor shell has good gas permeability, the gas in the environment can circulate freely, and the imported sensor is built in the shell, which has high measurement accuracy. Quick Response.


Long service life: Our company provides a one-year warranty for the product. Under normal circumstances, the service life is up to 5 years. Our co2 sensor housing is waterproof and dustproof and is not easily damaged. Only need to replace the breathable membrane regularly every year.


Cheap price: The price of a co2 sensor with a measuring range of 0-5000ppm is: $50.2, (0-5000ppm) co2 temperature and humidity sensor price is: $58.7, The price of a co2 sensor with a measuring range of 0-10000ppm is: $81.6. In addition, we also provide customized services. Low power consumption for remote sensor control. High protect level, no maintenance required. Effectively save you maintenance costs. Large in stock. We can shipping immediately after payment.


Many types: In addition to this wall-mounted co2 sensor, we also have handheld co2 detector, duct mounted co2 detector, fixed co2 detector, outdoor co2 sensor, and other types for you to choose from.


RS-CO2*-*-2 carbon dioxide sensor with rs485, 4-20ma, 0-5v, 0-10v output. A temperature and humidity probe can be added to the bottom of the transmitter to be used as a co2 temperature and humidity sensor while measuring the concentration of co2 gas and the temperature and humidity value of the current environment. This is a wall mounted co2 sensor that can be used in greenhouses, industrial production, and buildings.

Wall mounted co2 sensor parameters

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Supply power: 10~30V DC
Signal output: 4~20Ma/0~5V/0~10V/RS485(Modbus-RTU)
Protection level: IP65, can be used for snow and rain environment
Working environment: 0 ~ 70 ℃, 0 ~ 95% RH (no condensation)
Temperature effects: comes with temperature compensation
CO2 Measurement range: 0 ~ 5000ppm, 0-10000ppm (can be customized)
CO2 Accuracy: ± (40ppm + 3% F · S) (25 ℃)

CO2 sensor video

This wall-mounted carbon dioxide sensor is small in size and easy to install, suitable for multi-site installation and centralized monitoring. Users can install multiple co2 sensors in different places and uniformly monitor the working conditions of these devices through our free cloud platform. This device can measure only the concentration of carbon dioxide, or the three elements of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide Sensor use

The concentration of carbon dioxide required for vegetables is generally 1000~1500ppm. Therefore, the carbon dioxide deficit in the plastic greenhouse has become an important factor affecting the output of vegetables in the plastic greenhouse. The installation of carbon dioxide gas sensors in the plastic greenhouse can ensure timely alarm in the case of insufficient carbon dioxide concentration, to use gas fertilizer ensure high quality and high yield of vegetables, edible fungi, and flowers.

Some large farms, such as cattle, pig, chicken factories, etc., are in enclosed or semi-enclosed environments. A large number of livestock will exhale a large amount of carbon dioxide. If ventilation measures are not taken in time, high concentrations of carbon dioxide will cause animal hypoxia, depression, fatigue, anorexia, slow growth, and other problems. At the same time, the lack of air movement can easily lead to a decline in the immunity of livestock and outbreaks of diseases.

As the economy develops and the level of industrialization increases, human activities (such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation) have exacerbated the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations. There are also some industrial enterprises that use chimneys or exhaust gas in the combustion and production process, and a large amount of CO2 gas is discharged from the opening of the pipe. These make global warming one of the biggest challenges facing mankind today.

Indoor gas detection

The use of carbon dioxide gas sensors can be seen everywhere in our daily life environment, such as kindergartens, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, gas stations, hospitals, and other public places. Monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide through a carbon dioxide sensor can improve air quality, thereby improving learning and work efficiency.

CO2 sensor FAQ

1. What is carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is a kind of carbon-oxygen compound with the chemical formula of CO2. It is a colorless and odorless gas under normal temperature and pressure. It is also a common greenhouse gas and a component of air (0.03%-0.04% of the total volume of the atmosphere).


2. How to calibrate the co2 sensor?

Our co2 sensor has been calibrated before leaving the factory, and there is no need for customers to perform secondary calibration.


3.How does a CO2 sensor work?

co2 sensor working principle: The carbon dioxide gas sensor measures gaseous carbon dioxide levels by detecting the quantity of IR radiation absorbed by carbon dioxide molecules.


4. How to choose a co2 sensor?

First, choose the best co2 sensor according to the place of use: If the measurement environment is not fixed and the measurement time is short, you can choose a portable co2 detector, which can be carried around and is convenient to use. If the detection environment is fixed and need long-term monitoring, wall-mounted co2 sensor or home co2 sensor can be selected, which can be monitored after installation. If you want to monitor the CO2 concentration in a flammable and explosive environment, you can choose an explosion-proof co2 detector. To measure the concentration of co2 in the pipeline, select a duct mount co2 sensor. If you have other questions, you can contact us and we have professional and technical personnel to answer you.


5. Where can I download the manual of this co2 sensor?
To protect the patented technical parameters, please contact us for a manual.