RS-SJ water leak detector

The water immersion detector is widely used in communication base stations, hotels,

restaurants, computer rooms, libraries, archives, warehouses, equipment cabinets and other places need water alarm, the sensor input power, sense line, signal output three parts completely isolated .Safe, reliable, beautiful appearance, easy installation.

I use the alternating current to collect the water inductor parameters, accurate distinction between whether the flooding, or even distinguish between pure water and tap water (default to tap water for the detection of pure water, if you want to test, please specify). Because the use of alternating current detection, even if the electrode immersion does not produce long-term electrophoresis polarization, do not rely on special electrodes, to achieve long life, reliable detection.  This technology is our patent, has been authorized by the Patent Office, where counterfeit our company reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

Power supply

10 ~ 30V DC

Storage environment

-20℃~60℃,  0%RH~80%RH

False alarm rate


Relay output

normally open contact

Use of the environment: kitchen, bathroom, toilet, laundry, drinking fountains and other places where there are reservoirs or taps

Features: Made of high-strength ABS, waterproof and anti-oxidation, durable, high sensitivity, sharp sound, small and practical