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Lora Soil Moisture Sensor

The RS-TR-LORA-2-* is a low power LORA soil moisture sensor. It adopts our company’s unique LORA wireless communication protocol to avoid mutual interference in the signal transmission process between multiple measuring points. This lora soil sensor has a transmission distance of up to 3000 meters and strong signal penetration. It can monitor the moisture and temperature in the soil at the same time. It is the best choice for remote monitoring.

  • Model: RS-TR-LORA-2-*
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $75.5

View - Lora soil moisture sensor

The Renke Lora Soil Moisture Sensor is a simple and inexpensive smart farming solution. It can simultaneously monitor soil temperature and moisture conditions. The monitoring data is wirelessly transmitted to the Lora gateway through lora, and the lora gateway uploads the data of all measuring points to the cloud platform in a unified manner. Thereby easily creating a low-cost wireless remote monitoring network. Suitable for smart farm applications, irrigation, agriculture, etc.

Lora soil sensor description

This Lora soil moisture sensor consists of a stainless steel soil probe and a data collector. When using, insert the probe of the soil sensor into the soil, and then the data collector collects the measured value and transmits it through Lora. The data collector is powered by a replaceable lithium sub-battery with low power consumption. Long using life. The shell is made of waterproof ABS material, and the protection level is IP65, which can be used in the outdoor environment.

Lora sensors

Lora soil sensor features

  • The Lora soil collector adopts Lora wireless spread spectrum technology, and the communication distance is up to 3000 meters.
  • The battery of the collector is replaceable. Typically a 3.6V Lithium sub-battery.
  • The collector of the Lora soil sensor can monitor its own power, signal and real-time data of the sensor in real-time and upload it through LORA wireless communication.
  • The Lora soil moisture sensor has high measurement accuracy, sensitive response and good interchangeability.
  • Soil sensors are less affected by soil salinity and can be applied to various soil types.
  • The soil sensor is completely sealed, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and can be buried in soil or directly into the water for long-term dynamic detection.

Lora soil sensor datasheets

Power supplyDC 3.6V Lithium Sub-battery
Collector working temp-20℃~+60℃
Collector output signalLORA
Transmission distanceIndoor3~4 walls
OutdoorSight distance 3000m
Collector protection classIP65
Sensor working temp-40℃~+60℃
Soil MoistureRange0-100%RH
Accuracy±2% within 0-50%, @ (brown soil, 30%, 25℃)
±3% within 50-100%, @ (brown soil, 60%, 25℃)
Soil temperatureRange-40~80℃
Accuracy±0.5°C (25°C)
Sensor protection classIP68
Probe materialAnti-corrosion special electrode
Line length2 meters (can be customized)

Installation - Lora soil sensor

Lora soil moisture sensor install

The collector should be placed as high as possible and in a relatively open place around it. It is recommended to be more than 1 meter above the ground. Do not place too many metal objects around the Lora soil moisture sensor to prevent the wireless signal from being weakened. Electronic interference can originate from a variety of objects: generators, high-current equipment, high-voltage relays, transformers, etc. Vibration or shock can also be a source of interference, so the sensor should be installed as still as possible. Do not install the Lora soil moisture sensor in an environment beyond the measurement range, otherwise, the product will not work properly and the sensor will be permanently damaged. Please do not tear off the label on the product casing, which has important information such as the product’s ID.

lora soil sensor install

Battery replacement

install battery

When installing the collector, you need to disassemble the casing and put it into the lithium sub-battery. The battery is placed on top of the circuit board, as shown on the left. (Note: If you buy the battery yourself, you need to pay attention to the wiring of the plug, as shown in the figure below). The indicator light (the position circled by the red frame above the battery) will flash rapidly, and will remain off after the flashing is completed.



Configuration via mobile phone NFC. Turn on the NFC function of the mobile phone, put the mobile phone against the surface of the collector, and configure it after the connection is completed.

  • The steel probs must be fully inserted into the soil when measuring.
  • Avoid strong sunlight directly on the sensor and cause the temperature to be too high. Pay attention to lightning protection when used in the field.
  • Do not bend the steel needle violently, do not pull the sensor lead wire forcibly, and do not drop or violently hit the sensor.
  • The sensor protection level is IP68, and the sensor can be immersed in water (the collector cannot be directly immersed in water).
  • The sensor and the Lora soil collector are connected by a plug-in cable. Please use the correct plug-in method when plugging.

Method 1: Select a suitable measurement location, avoid stones, ensure that the steel needle does not touch hard objects, discard the topsoil according to the required measurement depth, maintain the original tightness of the soil below, and firmly hold the sensor and insert it vertically The soil should not be shaken left and right when inserting. It is recommended to measure multiple times within a small range of a measuring point to obtain an average value.


Method 2: Dig a pit with a diameter > 20cm vertically, insert the sensor steel needle into the pit wall horizontally at a given depth, the collector cannot be buried in the soil, and the pit should be filled tightly and stabilized for a period of time. , measuring and recording for months or longer.

Lora wireless transmission avoids wiring problems, and the transmission distance is long. The transmitted signal does not weaken with distance.

Please contact us for the manual.

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