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Multi Channel Temperature And Humidity Data Logger

The RS-WS-WIFI-Y is a multi-probe wireless industrial-grade temperature and humidity transmitter, which can upload up to 4 channels of temperature and humidity data collected to the server via WIFI. Wirelessly pair multiple network connection units to a single base station via WiF, and store your temperature or humidity readings in the cloud. Multi channel temperature data logger has one, two, three, four probes for choice.

  • Model: RS-WS-*-2-*
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $58.4~153.1

About - Multi Channel Temperature Data Logger

multi channel temperature data logger


The multi channel temperature data logger adopts a liquid crystal display and has four types: single probe, double probes, three probes, and four probes. Each probe cable can be up to 30 meters long. One product extends four probes to simultaneously measure and record the temperature and humidity of four enclosed devices and upload them to the free platform. WIFI wireless transmission, no wiring. This multi probes temperature humidity data logger has an alarm function, which supports customers to manually calibrate and adjust the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity.


RS-WS-WIFI-Y2Two probes
RS-WS-WIFI-Y3Three probes
RS-WS-WIFI-Y4Four probes
RS-WS-WIFI-DC-Y2With battery(two probes)
RS-WS-WIFI-DC-Y3With battery(three probes)
RS-WS-WIFI-DC-Y4With battery(four probes)
temperature monitoring system

Multi channel temperature data logger parameters

Power supply10~30V DC
Power Consumption0.75W
Communication interfaceStandard WIFI wireless (2.4GHZ)
IP addressSupport static IP address, IP address automatic acquisition function, support cross-gateway, domain name resolution, support WAN connection
WIFI communication parametersSupport 802.11b/g/n wireless standard
WIFI encryption performanceSupport WPA/WPA2 security mode
Temperature rangeExternal probe-40℃~+120℃
Built-in probe-40℃~+80℃
Humidity range0%RH-100%RH
AccuracyExternal probe±0.4°C (25°C), ±2%RH (60%RH, 25°C)
Built-in probe±0.5°C (25°C), ±3%RH (60%RH, 25°C)
Resolution0.1℃, 0.1%RH
Refresh time1s
Response timeTemperature≤25s(1m/s wind speed)
Humidity≤8s(1m/s wind speed)
Data upload timeDefault 10S/time, 1S~10000S can be set

Feature - Multi-probe temperature data logger

Signal stability

This multi channel temperature data logger uses wifi signal to upload data, supports intra-LAN communication and cross-gateway wide area network communication. Support two communication methods: active reporting and collection.


The Wifi multi probe temperature and humidity data logger is equipped with a button function, the user can directly adjust the alarm parameters, temperature and humidity parameters, etc. Or through 485 software, remote configuration parameters.

To purchase our sensors, you can use our local monitoring software platform or environmental monitoring cloud platform (www.0531yun.cn) for free.

Offline recording

This wifi multi channel temperature data logger has an offline recording function and supports two power supply modes: 220V power and battery. Normally monitor and record data during power outages and network, and automatically report to the monitoring platform after going online.

Mass storage

The multi-channel temperature sensor can store up to 65,000 records at a time. The storage record can be cleared, and after clearing, it can be stored normally again.

Exquisite appearance

High-strength white shell, with large-screen LCD. Beautiful and generous.

Multi channel temperature data logger video

This multi-probe temperature and humidity data logger supports customized services, you can tell us your specific requirements, such as use place, power supply mode, measurement distance, alarm mode, etc. We will recommend the best solution for you.

Multi channel temperature sensor FAQ

How can I clear the data that is logged in a data logger?

You can manually clear the stored records by pressing the button of device. If you have difficulty with this operation, you can contact us and we will provide you with a video tutorial.

For how long is it possible to continuously record?

The amount of time that a logger can continuously record will be determined by the number of readings it can record and also by the recording interval at which it is set to record.

Is battery life affected by the operating environment?

Yes, the battery life changes with various factors such as the measuring environment, frequency of communication, recording interval, and quality of the battery being used.

What happens if a measurement goes beyond the specified measurement range of the logger?

Even if a measurement goes above or below the range noted in the specifications it will appear on the display and will be recorded, but the measurement is not guaranteed to be accurate above or below the stated range.

Do you accept requests for customizations of the software?

Our software customization service is chargeable and depends on your order quantity. If you do not meet the conditions, we can provide you with a development kit, and you can carry out secondary development yourself.

Where to use multi-probe temperature sensor?

WIFI wireless temperature and humidity recorder are widely used in intelligent buildings, workshops, warehouse management, medical cold storage, libraries, museums, laboratories, power monitoring, and other places.

Where can I find manual downloads for RS-WS-WIFI-Y?

To protect our patented technical parameters, please contact us for a manual.

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