Wifi temperature and humidity data logger

RS-WS-WIFI-6 is an industrial-grade temperature and humidity recorder for WIFI wireless data transmission, which can collect temperature and humidity data and upload it to the server via WIFI. This wifi temperature and humidity data logger makes full use of the established WIFI communication network to realize data collection and transmission and achieve the purpose of centralized monitoring data.

  • Model: RS-WS-WIFI-6
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $64.5~$99

About Wifi Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

RS-WS-WIFI-6 is an industrial-grade wireless temperature and humidity transmitter, which can collect temperature and humidity data and upload it to the server via WIFI. Make full use of the existing WIFI network to realize data collection and transmission, which can be monitored in multiple locations. Wiring-free installation.

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The wifi temperature and humidity data logger adopts a large-screen LCD, with dual control of temperature and humidity upper and lower limits, free setting of limit values, and functions such as temperature and humidity calibration by a password. The internal integrated alarm module (buzzer or relay) can realize high and low-temperature alarms. And high and low humidity alarms. RS-WS-WIFI-6 adopts the original high-quality temperature and humidity measurement unit imported from Switzerland, which has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, ensuring the excellent measurement performance of the product.


1. The probe can be installed externally, and the probe cable can be up to 30 meters long.
2. Upload data via WIFI, support intra-LAN communication, cross-gateway WAN communication, and support secondary development.
3. Support dynamic domain name resolution DNS.
4. The data logger parameters are configured through 485, which is simple and convenient.
5. Temperature and humidity acquisition frequency 2S/time, data upload frequency 1S~10000 S/time can be set.
6. Built-in alarm function, can set the upper and lower limit of alarm and return difference value.
7. It has 2 normally open contacts, which can be arbitrarily associated with alarm output (optional).
8. Built-in a buzzer, an external sound, and a light alarm (optional).
9. Free local monitoring software platform and environmental monitoring cloud platform can be accessed. (www.0531yun.cn)
10 The data logger is suitable for DC10~30V wide voltage power supply.

Automatic temperature control

Two built-in relays can be used for control (optional). After the relays are associated, the heating and cooling operations will be performed automatically when the temperature is abnormal.

wifi temperature sensor control

Our Wireless temperature and humidity data logger

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Power Supply: 10-30VDC
Output signal: WiFi wireless (2.4GHZ)
Record points: 65000 readings
Data upload interval: 5S-12H can be set, the default 5S
Temperature accuracy: ±0.4℃
Humidity accuracy: ±2%RH
Temperature range: -40~+80℃
Humidity range: 0 ~100%RH
Data refresh interval: 2S
Device storage interval: 1-1999 minutes can be set, the default is 30 minutes


This wifi temperature and humidity data logger can choose two types, built-in probe and external probe, and can be equipped with a built-in battery. Support users to freely set various parameters such as alarm value, time, upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity. The wiring is simple and the measurement is accurate. It is the most popular temperature and humidity recorder.

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Advantages of our data logger

Easy to install and relocate

Wireless communication utilizes the existing Wi-Fi network, which is very suitable for facilities where there is no available wired infrastructure and applications where measurement points are regularly moved.

Interchangeable probe

The external probe design can facilitate users to change different probes according to different application places. Such as high-temperature probe, low-temperature probe, waterproof probe, metal probe, etc.

Internal data storage

The built-in backup battery can store data during power outages or network downtime, so no data will be lost, ensuring no gaps in recording. After the communication is restored, the historical record of the recorder will always be transmitted to the cloud platform.

Widely application

Network wireless temperature and humidity loggers are widely used in computer room monitoring systems, power monitoring systems, security engineering, medical and health monitoring, energy consumption monitoring systems, smart homes, and other fields.

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