RS-YG smoke detector

Our RS-YG-N01 Photoelectric Smoke Fire Alarm (hereafter referred to as the alarm) is capable of detecting smoke generated during a fire. The alarm adopts photo-electricity smoke device and excellent production technology. It has stable work, beautiful appearance, simple installation and no need for debugging. It can be widely used in shopping malls, hotels, shops, warehouses, computer rooms, houses and other places for fire safety testing. The alarm has a built-in buzzer that emits a strong sound after an alarm. The alarm uses standard 485 signal output, Modbus protocol, and supports secondary development.

  1. Ceiling installation

  2. Tamper cover

  3. Using a microprocessor

  4. Automatic temperature compensation 

  5. Full 360°detection

  6. LED ON&OFF selectable 

  7. Adjustable alarm delay 

  8. Using patch technology, anti-EMI, RFI interference

Power supply10~30V DC
Static power0.12W 
Alarm power consumption0.7W
Alarm sound ≥80dB   
Signal outputRS485 Modbus-RTU
Smoke sensitivity1.06±.26%FT
Standards compliantGB4715-2005
working environment-10℃~50℃,≤95%,No condensation

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