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PIR Motion Sensor

It is a passive PIR motion sensor with high stability. Using advanced signal analysis and processing technology, it has super high detection and anti-false alarm performance. When an intruder passes through the detection area, the detector will automatically detect the movement of the human body in the area. If there is a dynamic movement, an alarm will be generated.

  • Model: RS-HW-N01
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $31.45

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infrared PIR motion sensor detector for family residential areas, real estate villas, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, office buildings, and other places of security precautions.

infrared pir motion sensors application

PIR infrared sensor parameters

1. Power supply: 10~30V DC
2. Power consumption: 0.4W
3. Sensor type: dual-element pyro-infrared sensor
4. Alarm delay: 30s, 10s, 5s output optional (alarm duration)
5. Delay alarm: software setting (delay when the alarm occurs)
6. Installation method: ceiling
7. Installation height: 2.5~6m
8. Detection range: diameter 6m (when the installation height is 3.6m)
9. Detection angle: 360° in all directions
10. Signal output: RS485
11. Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU
12. Working environment: -10℃~50℃, ≤95%, no condensation

PIR motion sensor features

  • Using an 8-bit low-power CMOS processor
  • With automatic temperature compensation function
  • Anti-RFI interference: 20~1000MHz (such as mobile communication)
  • Three kinds of alarm delay output are optional
  • Adopt RS485 output mode to support secondary development.

Use - Pir Motion Sensor

Infrared PIR motion sensors installation Instructions

1. select the appropriate position, the mounting plate is fixed with screws to the ceiling, and then put the detector
2. recommended mounting height is 2.5 ~ 6m
3. near an air conditioner installation location should be avoided, rapidly changing electric fans, refrigerators, ovens and can cause the temperature of the object, while avoiding direct 4) front of the detector lens to avoid blocking object, so as not to affect detection results

pir infrared sensor installation

Infrared PIR motion sensors instructions

pir infrared sensor

1. according to the instructions good line, and then covered with the probe cover cassette
2. power indicator is flashing, the detector self-test and after 60s light is off, the detector enters the normal state of detection, if the moment someone walking within the coverage area of the detector, LED indicator lights, while the alarm output RS485
3. LED ON LED indicator control skipping prompted, does not affect the normal operation of the detector

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