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Best WiFi Thermometer For Temperature And Humidity Monitoring

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Temperature and humidity monitoring are the two most important elements of indoor environmental monitoring. A suitable temperature and humidity environment can not only make your body and mind happy, but also can effectively avoid some potential risks and ensure the safety of your property. The remote WIFI thermometer and hygrometer can provide you with alarm information before the temperature and humidity reach destructive levels, so that preventive measures can be taken in time. This will undoubtedly save you a lot of debt.

Fortunately, Renke company discovered this problem in a timely manner. As a top brand manufacturer in the temperature and humidity industry, after long-term continuous testing and user feedback, we have manufactured a variety of simple, reliable, and reasonably priced wifi thermometers and hygrometers with zero subscription fees. After extensive testing and research, RS-WS-WIFI-6 series and RS-WS-WIFI-Y* series are deeply loved by users all over the world. The thermometer and hygrometer of this series are easy to operate, have stable signals and high accuracy. The built-in compact battery can provide long-term stable work. Customers who have used think it is the best sensor overall.

temperature and humidity monitoring

Our editorial team will test and recommend the best products for you to help you navigate when shopping online. This article introduces you in detail to the most popular WIFI temperature and humidity sensors on the market, including their characteristics, prices, advantages and disadvantages.

What is remote temperature and humidity monitoring?

The remote temperature and humidity monitoring system is to monitor the temperature and humidity by the wireless temperature and humidity sensor, and upload it to the computer software platform through wireless transmission (WiFi network, Bluetooth or cellular network, etc.). The temperature and humidity conditions can be tracked through the mobile phone. Enables you to monitor the situation anytime, anywhere and receive alerts on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

The wireless temperature and humidity sensor is a compact wireless monitoring device that can monitor the ambient temperature and humidity in real-time, and has storage and upload functions. With its own setting function, you can set the alarm value of temperature and humidity, and the alarm function.

Remote WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor Reviews

Size: 122x102x36mm
Power supply: 3.8V lithium battery or 10-30VDC
Battery life: 24 months
Connection: WiFi
Temperature range: -40℃~+80℃
Temperature accuracy: ±0.4℃, (maximum)
Relative humidity range: 0 ~ 100%RH
Relative humidity accuracy: ±2%RH (maximum)

Whether you are monitoring an office, vacation house, warehouse, wine cellar, or a beloved pet, RS-WS-WIFI-6 is the most suitable remote temperature and humidity sensor for you. It is powered by a lithium battery, and its performance is better than other batteries under extreme conditions. A rechargeable battery can work continuously for 48 hours on a single charge. This wireless temperature and humidity sensor have an LCD display that can display real-time temperature and humidity values. Applicable to different regions of various countries.

Best choice

This wireless thermometer and hygrometer use a WiFi connection for remote monitoring and alarms. Therefore, you do not need to purchase additional gateways and other accessories, and you can directly configure indoor WIFI. The shell is made of ABS high-strength material, which can work under harsh conditions to ensure 24/7 continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity. The temperature and humidity data of multiple wifi thermometers can be uploaded to the same software platform to achieve centralized monitoring

Simple to connect to the Internet

Our WiFi thermometer is very simple to connect to the network. After the power supply of the device is completed, you only need to open the configuration software through the computer, enter the device number and IP, and set the account and password. Novices can also do it easily. Multiple devices can be connected to the network easily in a short time. The following video shows you the specific operation of computer software distribution network.

Free data platform

We provide you with a free cloud platform on the computer and an APP (Yun Kong Tong) on the mobile phone for you to view data. The software allows you to monitor current conditions and view the unlimited history of archived data within any date range. If you prefer to use a computer to monitor the situation, you can also use the web-based version of the application. In particular, we like graphs that provide you with great snapshots of temperature and humidity readings when you log in.

Multiple sub-accounts

Our software platform supports the creation of sub-accounts for the main account. You can create sub-accounts for related staff through the main account and grant the sub-account permissions, such as “Are the sub-accounts allowed to receive alarm information?” “Are the sub-accounts allowed to change device parameters? “Whether to allow sub-accounts to view data” and so on. There is no limit on the creation of sub-accounts. You can set them according to your needs, allowing you and your friends to monitor the working conditions of the device.

Centralized monitoring of multiple devices

You can add an unlimited number of sensors under one data platform. You can manually add new devices or remove old devices to centrally monitor the temperature and humidity in multiple areas.

Set logging interval

You can set the data upload time from every 1S~10000S according to your needs. We set the 20S/time before leaving the factory. Users can also set freely according to their needs.

Resume transmission after power failure

Our wifi thermometer and hygrometer have a built-in lithium battery. If there is a sudden power failure in the working environment, the device will automatically enable the built-in battery to continuously record data. After the power supply is restored, the device will upload the recorded data to the platform. Each device can record 65535 pieces of data at one time. The stored records can be cleared and reused when they are full.

Zero subscription fee

In addition to equipment, our software and platform do not require subscription fees and are free no matter how long they are used. If you need to customize a special function, we will charge a fee according to the difficulty of the function. If you don’t need it, then our software and platform will be free for you for life.

Our advantage

Renke wifi thermometer is a high-precision and trustworthy wireless temperature and humidity sensor. We provide you with a 2-year warranty when used in a normal environment. We are a manufacturer with 15 years of temperature and humidity manufacturing experience and are fully capable of providing you with customization service. At the same time, we have a professional R&D and technical team that can solve all pre-sales and after-sales problems for you.

Compact and robust design
Multiple ranges and accuracy options
Free platform, no subscription fee
Simple operation, one-key networking
Two power supply methods
Free SMS, email alarm
Powerful and free to set
Frequent alarms affect battery life
Can only be wall-mounted

Power supply: 3.8V lithium battery or 10-30VDC
Battery life: 18 months
Connection: WiFi
Temperature range: -40℃~+120℃
Temperature accuracy: ±0.4℃, (maximum)
Relative humidity range: 0 ~ 100%RH
Relative humidity accuracy: ±2%RH (maximum)


The RS-WS-WIFI-Y series product is an industrial-grade temperature and humidity transmitter for WIFI wireless data transmission, which can upload up to 4 channels of temperature and humidity data collected to the server via WIFI. One device can be connected to a maximum of 4 temperature and humidity probes, and the probe line can be extended to 30m, so that one device can monitor the temperature and humidity conditions of four cold storages at the same time, which greatly saves costs.

The function of this wireless temperature and humidity sensor is the same as that of RS-WS-WIFI-6. Both upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity, alarm value, and data upload interval can be set. With power-off resumable transmission function, easy to connect to the network. This wifi thermometer is developed for users in cold storage, computer room, warehouse, etc. Usually, they need to monitor the temperature and humidity in several freezers, cold storages or cabinets at the same time. Therefore, a sensor that can put the temperature and humidity sensing device in the cold storage and receive the signal stably is needed.

The probe of the RS-WS-WIFI-Y thermometer and hygrometer is made of high-strength ABS material, which can be used stably in low temperature environments, and has good waterproofness. It will not damage the sensor module after long-term use. The temperature and humidity probe can be directly placed in the cold storage to sense the temperature and humidity values in the cold storage in real time. Once the temperature and humidity reach the preset standard value, an alarm will be sent via short message or email to remind the staff in time. This kind of probe has high sensitivity and accurate measurement. It is professionally developed for the cold storage room environment.

High sensitivity and high precision
Exquisite appearance, small and portable
Cost-saving, high flexibility
Lifetime free data platform
The probe cable can only be up to 30m long
The data collection terminal cannot be disconnected from the probe

Size: 53x87x27mm
Power supply: DC5V or built-in battery power supply
Battery life: 3 years
Connection: WiFi
Temperature range: -40℃~+80℃
Temperature accuracy: ±05℃, (maximum)
Relative humidity range: 0 ~ 100%RH
Relative humidity accuracy: ±3%RH (maximum)


RS-WS-WIFI-C4-*WIFI temperature and humidity meter is a small wireless temperature and humidity sensor. Its built-in battery can work continuously for 6 hours, so it can follow the monitoring environment when the power is off, and transmit the data during this period of time. This thermometer and hygrometer is used to view data through the WeChat platform. It does not need to be connected to the Internet through the computer. It can be connected to the Internet through the device and the mobile phone with one click. Very convenient.

This small wifi thermometer and hygrometer has two probes, a built-in probe and an external probe. The built-in probe can be used to measure temperature and humidity in ordinary environments. The external probe can be used to measure the temperature and humidity in high temperature or low temperature and high humidity occasions. This thermometer and hygrometer is mainly used in places where power supply is inconvenient, such as flower houses, laboratories, breeding, greenhouses, offices, and transportation.

The appearance of the RS-WS-WIFI-C4-* temperature and humidity sensor adopts a low-power LCD screen, which can minimize power consumption while ensuring real-time viewing of temperature and humidity. The device comes with the function of resuming the transmission of the network. If the network is disconnected, the device will normally monitor the temperature and humidity values, and automatically cache the data. After the network is restored, the cached data will be automatically uploaded, and the cached data can reach 1,000.

Similarly, this wifi thermometer has a built-in buzzer, which can realize ultra-high and low temperature alarms. However, once the temperature or humidity exceeds the preset value, the alarm information will be pushed to the customer in real time via WeChat instead of reminding via SMS.

Mobile monitoring in a short time
One-click connection to the mobile phone
Small and portable, occupying a small space
Network disconnection can be monitored and resumed
Optional built-in probe and external probe
You can only view data and receive alarms through the WeChat platform

Size: 273x275x33mm
Power supply: DC 10-30V
Battery life: 3 years
Connection: WiFi
Temperature range: -40℃~+120℃
Temperature accuracy: ±0.4℃, (maximum)
Relative humidity range: 0 ~ 100%RH
Relative humidity accuracy: ±2%RH (maximum)

This wifi temperature and humidity sensor circuit uses imported industrial-grade microprocessor chips and imported high-precision sensors to ensure excellent product reliability and high precision. The shell adopts aluminum alloy frame and high-quality acrylic panel, which is beautiful and generous. The display adopts an 8-inch panel and a 3-inch red light high-brightness digital tube, which can be displayed clearly during day and night or even under strong light. This wifi thermometer can be wall-mounted or suspended, and can be installed in a variety of on-site environments. It is widely used in laboratories, construction sites, factory workshops, greenhouse planting, warehouses, wine cellars, cold storage, computer room monitoring systems, sewage treatment, medical and health monitoring, smart homes and other fields.

The RS-WS-WIFI-K wifi thermometer make full use of the established WIFI communication network to realize data collection and transmission, and achieve the purpose of centralized monitoring of temperature and humidity data, which can greatly reduce the amount of construction, improve construction efficiency and maintenance costs.

Data can be uploaded to our free local and cloud platforms. The data can be viewed through the web, WeChat official account or mobile APP, and important notifications such as alarms and device offline can be sent via SMS or email. It can store historical data, alarm data, and freely assign functions such as viewing data permissions to realize intelligent monitoring of the temperature and humidity of the on-site environment.

Large screen display, clear values
Two kinds of accuracy optional
Long using life
There are two options for installation: hanging and wall hanging
No storage function
No backup battery

Factors to Consider When Buy a WIFI Thermometer

The range of the temperature and humidity sensor

Each industry has different measurement ranges for temperature and humidity because of the different environments and processes used. Generally speaking, meteorological or scientific research departments have relatively extensive requirements for temperature and humidity ranges. If the above two fields are not involved, you can choose a universal WIFI temperature and humidity sensor, of course, you can also propose the measurement range for the temperature and humidity sensor manufacturer to customize according to your own needs.

Temperature and humidity sensor accuracy

Measurement accuracy is also an important indicator of wireless thermometers and hygrometers. You can choose the appropriate accuracy according to your own field and needs. For example, industries such as hospitals and refrigerated transportation have relatively high accuracy in temperature and humidity, while factories and manufacturing industries may not require so high measurement accuracy. Of course, every time the measurement accuracy is increased by one percentage point, its requirements and grades will rise significantly, and the prices will also be different.

The influence of time drift and temperature drift

Because the WIFI temperature and humidity sensor need to contact the water vapor in the atmosphere, the device will not be sealed. This causes its life and stability to vary depending on the environment, resulting in time drift, which is also a floating life. In general, the service life of a temperature and humidity sensor is 1 to 2 years. Temperature drift refers to whether the sensor can work normally and whether the measurement data is normally in the temperature change range of the application, which is also a very important indicator.

Determine the appearance of the device

For example, if a screen display is required, the power consumption will generally be relatively large if a screen display is required. Without the need for screen display, the power consumption is small and the battery lasts for a long time.


When choosing a wireless temperature and humidity timer, you should choose a cost-effective product, rather than simply choosing a low-priced product. If you only pay attention to the price, you will encounter the problems of short life, low accuracy, and poor quality during use, which will also greatly increase the cost.

Quality and reliability

The quality of the product should be judged by examining the manufacturer’s on-site standards and quality appraisal; the reliability of the product can also be determined by comprehensive factors such as the temperature and humidity sensor manufacturer’s reputation, brand, and reputation.


When choosing a transmitter, you should determine which product to choose based on your actual situation and use environment. Need to fully consider adaptability factors.


Temperature and humidity sensors need to be regularly inspected, updated, replaced and repaired.

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