RS-WS-N01-8 Modbus Temperature and Humidity sensor

temperature and humidity sensor modbus for industrial

RS-WS-N01-8 is a temperature and humidity sensor using RS485 Modbus RTU communication. use standard 35mm rails, industrial-grade chips, and high-precision temperature and humidity probes to ensure excellent reliability, high accuracy, and interchangeability of products. 

Modbus temperature and humidity transmitter (RS-WS-N01-8) uses an imported sensor as a sensitive device, with high measurement accuracy, fast response, strong anti-interference ability, long-term stability, and other characteristics; product size, lightweight, easy to install and maintain, standard industrial signal output RS485. Convenient to connect with various types of control devices and display instruments to realize on-line monitoring of temperature and humidity status. It can be widely applied to various needs of air temperature. Where humidity is measured and controlled.

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Power supply10~30V DC
Maximum power dissipationRS485 output0.4W


Working environment-20℃~+60℃,0%RH~80%RH

Long-term stability


Reaction time

Temperature≤15s(1m/s wind speed )
Humidity≤4s(1m/s wind speed )
Current output

RS485 communication


Modbus temperature and humidity transmitter (RS-WS-N01-8) are widely applied in communication engine room、automation、automatic control where needs the temperature and humidity monitor. The three parts about the input power supply, temperature measurement unit, and signal output of the sensor are completely isolated. Safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, easy installation.

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