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the pressure sensor is small in size, easy to install, and is insulated by a stainless steel case. It is suitable for measuring gas and liquid media compatible with the material of the contact part. It can be used to measure gauge pressure, negative pressure, and absolute pressure.

  • Model: RS-PM300
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $31~$33.2

Pressure sensor description

pressure sensor

The hygienic (flush film) pressure sensor is formed on the basis of the prototype of the universal pressure transmitter and is equipped with a welded sealing diaphragm structure. It’s welded sealing isolating diaphragm device has a variety of different process connection structures, which are especially suitable for pressure measurement in high temperature, high viscosity, crystalline medium and easy to block, and also suitable for pressure measurement in sanitary and medical applications.

Pressure sensor features

1.Reverse polarity protection and transient over-current and over-voltage protection to meet EMI protection requirements.
2. Using laser-regulated temperature compensation process, the measured value is more stable.
3. Wide range coverage, -0.1~100MPa optional.
4.Automatic temperature compensation, automatic temperature correction.
5.Strong overload and anti-interference ability, economical and practical.
6.Compact structure and easy installation.

the pressure sensor is suitable for the measurement of industrial process control pressure. Widely used in water plants, oil refineries, sewage treatment plants, building materials, light industry, machinery and other industrial fields to achieve measurement of liquid, gas and steam pressure.


Pressure range: -100~ 20Kpa~ 100Mpa
Accuracy: 0.5% FS (default) 0.2% FS (customized)
Power supply: 12~ 24VDC or 9~ 12VDC
Output signal: 4-20mA , 0-5V , 0-10V
Operating temperature: -20~ 80℃
Zero temperature drift: 0.5%FS(max)
Sensitivity temperature drift: 0.5%FS(max)
Pressure overload: 150%FS
Mechanical vibration: 20g(20-5000HZ)
Long-term stability: ≤0.2%FS/year
Insulation: 100MΩ/250VDC
Protection class: IP65
Explosion-proof grade: ExiaⅡCT6
Media compatibility: various fluid media compatible with 316L stainless steel


1. Our products are equipped with instructions for use and certificates of conformity. There are technical parameters, please check carefully to avoid mistakes.
2. According to the product connection method and thread type, check whether the field interface is consistent with the product interface. When connecting, it should be tightened slowly. The torque cannot be directly applied to the transmitter housing. It can only be added to the hexagonal interface of the pressure interface. on. Ensure that the transmitter is mounted perpendicular to the ground. Use a wrench to tighten the transmitter from the hexagonal nut at the bottom of the transmitter during installation to avoid direct rotation of the transmitter.
3. When connecting the power supply, it should be connected in strict accordance with the wiring instructions of our company.
4. This product is a precision instrument. It is forbidden to disassemble at will, to prevent collision and fall. It is strictly forbidden to touch the sensor diaphragm with a sharp object, thus causing damage to the core.
5. The transmitter can be used after power-on. After preheating for 30 minutes, the output is more stable. If an abnormality is found during use, turn off the power, stop using it, check it, or contact our technical department directly.
6. During the pressure measurement process, slowly pressurize and depressurize, avoid adding to high pressure or reduce to low pressure instantaneously. If measuring the pressure with faster change speed, install pressure buffer at the connection outlet of the transmitter and the measured medium. Device.
7. The human factors caused by pressure overload, wiring error, sensor diaphragm damage, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

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