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weather station composition

A complete set of a weather station is composed of two parts: hardware and software. The hardware part includes various weather station sensors, connecting lines, and weather station frame. The software part is free weather station software, such as cloud platforms, mobile apps, Kind of local platform, etc. These two parts are used together to provide you with accurate instantaneous weather data.

Weather station sensors features and price

Wind speed and direction sensor

Price: USD 56~67

The wind speed sensor is a measure of the current wind speed device. It adopts a three-cup design and consists of a shell, a wind cup, and a circuit module. According to different shell materials, it can be divided into aluminum alloy wind speed sensors or polycarbonate wind speed sensor. The wind direction sensor is a device that uses the rotation of the wind direction arrow to sense the wind direction information of the outside world and transmits it to the coaxial code disc, and finally outputs the relevant value of the corresponding wind direction. The wind direction sensor is composed of a wind cup, sensor body, circuit module, transmission cable, and other devices. 

Weather station solar shield

Price: USD 36.2~154

The weather station solar shield is an all-in-one sensor housing. Multiple sensor modules can be placed inside the housing, such as temperature and humidity, noise, atmospheric pressure, light, PM, or co2. The multi-element collection design not only reduces the space occupation but also facilitates installation. The function of the weather station solar shield is to prevent the direct radiation of the sun to the sensor and the anti-radiation of the ground, protect the instrument from strong wind, rain, snow, etc., and make the sensing part of the instrument have proper ventilation, which can truly sense the change of outside air temperature.

Solar radiation sensor

solar radiation sensor

Price: USD 90~110

The solar radiation sensor adopts the photoelectric principle and can be used to measure the solar radiation measurement range with a spectral range of 0.3~3μm.

Rain and snow sensor

Price: USD 26~44.9

The rain and snow sensor measures whether there is rain or snow in the current environment. It has an automatic heating function, so there is no need to worry about icing on the sensor surface and affecting the measurement.

Rain gauge

Price: USD 68.9~104.2

A rain gauge measures the current rainfall device. The tipping bucket of the rain gauge is a three-dimensional streamlined design, with a smooth shape, better tipping performance, and easy cleaning and maintenance. According to different materials, it can be divided into stainless steel rain gauge and ABS rain gauge.

Soil sensor

Price: USD 38~77.1

The soil sensor is a device that measures the temperature, moisture, conductivity, NPK, and ph of the soil within a certain range in the current environment. You can choose the corresponding sensor according to your measurement elements.

Weather station host

Price: USD 155~235

The weather station host is mainly used to collect the measured values of various sensors and upload the data to various platforms.

Solar panel

Price: USD 121~262

Solar panels are used to collect solar energy and convert it into electrical energy to power weather stations. In remote areas, after installing solar panels and batteries, the entire weather station can form an internal power supply, without the need for an external power supply.


Price: USD 167.7~263

The battery is used to store the electricity converted by the solar panels and provide sufficient electricity for the weather station to work normally at night.

Weather station components introduce and photos

Weather station pole and beam

Quantity: 2 poles, 3

A set of weather station supports generally consists of two 1.5m long vertical poles and three 50cm long beams. The beam is used to carry various sensors, and the pole is used to support the height. You can increase or decrease the length of the pole to achieve the height you want.

One for three lines

Quantity: 4

A bus extends out of three branch lines. Each branch line can be connected to a sensor, or connected to another mainline to extend the number of branch lines to connect more sensors. The final bus is connected to the environmental cost. In this way, the connection between the sensors and the host is realized.


Quantity: 6

The bracket is an accessory that carries the sensor. Due to the limited width of the beam, some sensors cannot be directly installed on the beam, so it needs to be installed on the bracket first, and then the bracket is fixed on the beam.

Expansion screws and hoop

Quantity: 36 screws, 2 hoop

Expansion screws are small accessories used to fix beams, poles, sensors, solar panels, waterproof boxes, and other equipment. The hoop is used to fix the waterproof box.

Waterproof box

Quantity: 1

The waterproof box is used to store low-protection electrical equipment such as the host and solar controller.

Free weather station software

RS-RJ-K platform


Customers can install the software on their own server, and upload all measurement data directly to the local server, with higher data security and privacy. Our software supports secondary development.

Cloud platform


Customers can directly log in to the cloud platform to view data, making the operation easier and more convenient.



View data anytime, anywhere.

All the above content is the composition of a complete weather station. If you want to know how to install a weather station? Please refer to:

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Other types of weather station and components

Portable weather staion

Rain gauge
Solar panel
Environmental monitoring host
Waterproof box
Beams and poles
Expansion screws and hoop
Connection line

Ultrasonic Weather Station

Rain gauge
Solar panel
Environmental monitoring host
Waterproof box
Beams and poles
Expansion screws and hoop
Connection line