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AQI Sensor

It is an AQI sensor developed by our company, which can detect temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, atmospheric pressure, light, TVOC in the air environment, CO2, formaldehyde, O3, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2, H2, H2S, NH3, and many other elements, basically covering various indicators reflecting air quality. This 11 in 1 multifunctional air quality monitor can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Model: RS-MG111-*-1
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $27.3~$719.3

About - AQI Sensor

RS-MG111-*-1 is an air quality detector for measuring formaldehyde, particulate matter, TVOC, temperature, humidity, CO2, O3, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2, H2, H2S, NH3, air pressure, light, and it comes with an additional measurement of AQI. Its design allows users to easily move around the house and take measurements in different rooms.

AQI sensor


RS-MG111-*-1 AQI meter adopts electrochemical and catalytic combustion measurement principles. The equipment shell has multiple small holes to ensure air circulation and higher measurement accuracy. This indoor air quality index sensor has 18 elements to choose from, and one device can measure up to 11 elements at the same time. Powerful. According to different output methods, it is divided into two types: RS485 AQI sensor and Wifi AQI sensor. The measured value can be uploaded to the free cloud platform via a 485 signal or wifi signal.


Power supply: DC 10-30V
Maximum power consumption: 0.6W (24V DC power supply)
Detection parameters: temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, air pressure, light, TVOC, CO2, formaldehyde, O3, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2, H2, H2S, NH3
Working environment: -10℃-55℃, 0~95%RH
Signal output: WIFI or RS485
Product material: ABS
Installation method: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted

Datasheet - Air Quality Detector

Detection parametersRangeResolutionAccuracyPreheat time
Humidity0%RH-100%RH0.1%RH±3%RH (60%RH, 25℃)
Atmospheric pressure0~120Kpa0.1Kpa±0.15Kpa@25℃101Kpa
Carbon dioxide0~5000ppm1ppm±(50ppm+ 3%F·S)2min
Formaldehyde0~5ppm0.01ppm±5%FS(@1ppm,25℃,50%RH)≥5 minutes
Ozone0~10ppm0.01ppm±6%FS(@5ppm,25℃,50%RH)≥5 minutes
O20~25%Vol0.1%Vol±2%FS≥5 minutes
H2S0~100ppm1ppm±2ppm or ±10%≥5 minutes
CH40~100%LEL1%LEL±5%FS≥5 minutes
CO0~1000ppm1ppm±5ppm or ±10%≥5 minutes
NO20~20ppm0.1ppm±5%FS≥5 minutes
SO20~20ppm0.1ppm±5%FS≥5 minutes
H20~1000ppm1ppm±5%FS≥5 minutes
NH30~100ppm1ppm±8%≥5 minutes
Noise30~130db0.1db±0.5dB (at reference pitch, 94dB@1kHz)

Price List - AQI Sensor

Our RS-MG111-*-1 air quality sensor has two output modes: RS485 and WIFI. The base price of the RS485 type is $21, and the base price of the WIFI type is $41.9. Once the base price is determined, select the measurement elements you need. Please refer to the following detailed elements and prices.

FAQs - Air Quality Index Sensor

  • Understand indoor air pollution: indoor air quality monitor can measure indoor PM2.5, PM10, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity, and other elements, reminding people to pay attention to whether the indoor environment is healthy and suitable for living.
  • Monitoring air quality pollutants: Indoor air quality monitors can monitor these toxic and harmful gases: formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, TVOC, and other pollutants.
  • Establish an air quality big data management platform: indoor air quality monitor, which used to be just a simple instrument, now it can establish a real indoor air quality management system through the Internet of Things. Air quality data does not need to be manually collected and is automatically collected and transmitted to the online environmental management cloud platform. Users can directly understand environmental data through mobile phones and PC.

The warranty period of the monitor is 2 years. The warranty only applies to manufacturing defects.

After the air quality index sensor is installed, it will automatically detect various elements of the current environment, and upload the detection results to the free cloud platform or -K platform through RS485 or wifi signals, and users can log in to view the data freely.

AQI sensors are widely used in building HVAC, building energy-saving, smart homes, schools, hospitals, airport stations, and other places.

PM2.5, PM10: 0~1000ug/m3 (resolution: 1ug/m3)
Temperature: -40℃~+120℃ (resolution: 0.1℃)
Humidity: 0%RH-100%RH (resolution: 0.1%RH)
Atmospheric pressure: 0~120Kpa (resolution: 0.1Kpa)
Illumination: 0~200000Lux (resolution: 1Lux)
TVOC: 0~60000ppb(resolution: 1ppb)
Carbon dioxide: 0~5000ppm (resolution: 1ppm)
Formaldehyde: 0~5ppm (resolution: 0.01ppm)
Ozone: 0~10ppm (resolution: 0.01ppm)
O2: 0~25%Vol (resolution: 0.1%Vol)
H2S: 0~100ppm (resolution: 1ppm)
CH4: 0~100%LEL (resolution: 1%LEL)
CO: 0~1000ppm (resolution: 1ppm)
NO2: 0~20ppm (resolution: 0.1ppm)
SO2: 0~20ppm (resolution: 0.1ppm)
H2: 0~1000ppm (resolution: 1ppm)
NH3: 0~100ppm (resolution: 1ppm)

The AQI meter detects various elements through built-in multiple sensor modules.

Renke is a professional manufacturer of environmental monitoring equipment in China, with 10 years of R&D experience. Customized services can be provided. If you want to buy a China air quality monitor, please contact us.

  1. RS-MG111 Air quality meter for monitoring indoor air pollutants. Meet all your needs. A multifunctional AQI sensor can measure 11 air pollutants indoors. Wireless transmission. Cheap price. High accuracy and stability.
  2. Renke is a professional air quality sensor manufacturer. 15 years experience. Leading technology. Top brand air quality sensors, monitors, and meters for sale. Offer 2 years warranty for AQI meter. Support customization. Ship in 24 hours.

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