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Where Are Co2 Sensors Required? How To Choose A Co2 Sensor?

Where are co2 sensors required?

Carbon monoxide sensor is widely used in offices, agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation greenhouses, edible fungus sheds, industrial production and other places where carbon dioxide concentration needs to be monitored.

With rapid economic development, people’s living standards have also improved significantly. Environmental issues have become the focus of the attention of various countries. The co2 gas emitted by industrial production, civil coal combustion, and automobile exhaust can cause serious consequences such as the greenhouse effect and land desertification. Therefore, real-time monitoring of carbon dioxide gas is particularly important.

How to choose a co2 sensor?

Different carbon dioxide sensors should be selected according to different places.

1. Indoor home and office environment

The indoor environment does not have high requirements on the protection level of the sensor, because it is not necessary to consider the influence of wind and rain erosion on the sensor. However, the CO2 level will have an important impact on the health of people living and working, so the accuracy requirements of the co2 transducers are relatively high. RENKE company recommends the indoor co2 sensor (RS-CO2-*-2) for you. This co2 concentration sensor is a wall-mounted type with an IP65 protection level, which is waterproof and dustproof. The co2 sensor probe has high precision and can accurately detect indoor co2. Besides, multiple carbon dioxide sensor module can transmit data to the environmental monitoring host, and the small host uploads the data to the cloud platform. In this way, users can view the carbon dioxide concentration changes in the office in real-time by logging in to the free cloud platform provided by RENKE.

2. Outdoor agricultural, garden and other places.

The outdoor environment is affected by natural weather such as wind and rain, so the requirements of protection level are very high. At the same time, it is also necessary to accurately measure and improve the co2 concentration in the environment to increase crop yields. RENKE company recommends the outdoor co2 sensor ( RS-BYH-CO2 ) for you, this is an industrial co2 sensor that is suitable for agricultural and outdoor environments, IP68 protection level. The co2 meter shell can effectively prevent rain and snow, It has good air permeability, accurate measurement data, and easy installation. The greenhouse co2 sensor adopts the standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, RS485 signal output, the maximum communication distance can be up to 2000 meters (measured), and the cloud platform can view the data in real-time.

3. Industrial tube and other pipelines

To measure the co2 concentration in a closed or narrow pipeline, we need to consider the space occupation to control the problem of ventilation. RENKE company recommends the co2 sensor duct mounted ( RS-CO2*-*-* ), which is specially developed by our company to measure the CO2 concentration in the pipeline. With anti-interference circuit design, it can withstand all kinds of strong electromagnetic interference such as on-site frequency converters. Wide measurement range, default 0-5000ppm, other ranges can also be used, comes with temperature compensation, and is little affected by temperature. The duct mounted carbon dioxide sensor shell is waterproof and has a high level of protection. Using new infrared verification technology for CO2 concentration measurement, the reaction is quick and sensitive, avoiding the problems of traditional electrochemical sensor life and long-term drift.

According to different applications, co2 sensors have more classifications.

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