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Handheld CO2 Meter

RS-MG41-CO2 is a handheld co2 meter, which uses natural diffusion to detect gas, uses NDIR infrared sensor. Built-in battery power supply, and has a long use time. The measurement range of this portable co2 detector is 0-5000ppm. The co2 meter can store up to 100,000 test data and supports viewing historical data at any time.

  • Model: RS-MG41-CO2
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $104.8

About - Handheld CO2 Meter

This handheld carbon dioxide meter uses an NDIR infrared sensor and has a built-in alarm that warns of dangerous carbon dioxide levels. The large LCD display is easy to read and the values can be seen even in dark environments. The shell is made of high-strength engineering plastic and composite non-slip rubber, which is waterproof and dustproof. Portable CO2 detector with instant CO2 level feedback. You can carry it with you and monitor it at any time. The portable co2 meter has a powerful storage function, which can store up to 100,000 test data. Historical data can be exported.

handheld co2 detector

CO2 meter parameters

Measuring range: 0~5000ppm
Accuracy: ±(40ppm+ 3%FS) (25℃)
Resolution: 1ppm
Repeatability: ≤2%
Stability: ≤2%FS
Response time: Diffusion type≤60S
Insulation resistance: ≥20MΩ
Alarm function: Sound, light, vibration
Working environment: T: -10℃-50℃; H:<95%RH without condensation
Operating Voltage: DC3.7V (Lithium battery capacity 3000mAh)
Charging time: 6h-8h
Standby time: More than 8h continuous

Portable co2 meter features

1. High-definition color screen design, easy to check the gas status
2. High and low limit alarm values can be set
3. Full-function self-test, the product adopts three-level sound and light vibration alarm
4. Shortcut keys to quickly turn on and off the sound alarm and storage mode
5. Large-capacity battery, the device can be used continuously for at least 8 hours in the always-on mode


Handheld co2 meter can be widely used in agricultural planting, breeding, and industry, such as: planting greenhouses to detect the amount of gas fertilizer applied, the ventilation status in livestock farms, the production process of beer, carbonated beverages, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly products, and the safety of underground operations Production, etc. Not only that, in our daily life environments such as kindergartens, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, hospitals and other public places, the monitoring of carbon dioxide concentration can improve the quality of the air, thereby increasing the efficiency of learning and work; preventing infectious diseases Popularity, to ensure public health and safety.

handheld co2 meter

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