RS-WD-HW infrared temperature sensor

The infrared temperature sensor can calculate the surface temperature of the object by measuring the intensity of the infrared radiation emitted by the target without contacting the target. Non-contact temperature measurement is the biggest advantage of infrared thermometers, allowing users to easily measure targets that are difficult to access or move.

Detail parameter of infrared temperature sensor

1.Compact structure, easy to install

2. Infrared measurement, no need touching the measured object
3. Suitable for a variety of applications, 4 ~ 20mA output
4. Output stability, fast response
5. Safe to use, long life

Supply voltage10-24V DC
Power consumption1.2W
Accuracy±1% or ±1.5℃
Circuit working temperature

Temp.: 0 ~60°C

Humidity:  10 – 95% (No condensation)

Test temperature range0-1000°C (0-600°default)
Spectral range8 ~ 14 µm
Optical resolution20:1
Respond time150 ms (95%)
Load capacity≤600Ω

1. Electrical equipment, medical field
2.Food Construction Industry, Chemicals and Chemical Industry
3. temperature monitoring in process and production field
4. Metallurgy, petrochemicals, electric power, light industry, textile industry, food industry, National defense and scientific research