what is solar radiation shield?

Solar Radiation Shield for Weather Temperature Sensor - Renke

Solar radiation shields are commonly used on weather station equipment to protect multiple sensors from the sun and rain. Due to the dense ventilation holes around the radiation shield, the shield can ensure that users get more accurate measurement results. The solar radiation shield has built-in multiple sensors, which can measure temperature, humidity, light, noise, atmospheric pressure, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, and other elements at the same time.

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Solar radiation shield description:

The geometric design of our solar radiation shield can protect the sensor from all directions. The durable waterproof shell is made of high-quality anti-ultraviolet materials and has a long service life. Different plates can be selected according to different places of use. There are 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, and other plates that can be designed. This product can be combined with wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, solar radiation sensor, rain gauge, rain and snow sensor, soil sensor, etc. to form a complete set of weather monitoring equipment.

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Solar radiation shield features:

1.Improve measurement accuracy by shading and allowing air circulation.

2.High protection grade IP68, durable waterproof material, can be used normally in bad weather.

3.Good compatibility, multiple sensor modules can be stored inside, so a variety of meteorological parameters can be measured.

4.The integrated bracket and keyhole are easy to install and can be installed on flat and curved surfaces.

Solar radiation shield datasheets:

Power supply10-30VDC
Maximum power consumptionRS485Output0.8W

Measure Range

Atmospheric pressure0-120Kpa
PM10 PM2.50-1000ug/m3


Atmospheric pressure±0.15Kpa@25℃ 75Kpa
PM10 PM2.5±1ug/m3

Long-term stability

Atmospheric pressure-0.1Kpa/y
PM10 PM2.5≤1ug/m3/y

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Solar radiation shield application:

The solar radiation shield is widely used in various occasions that need to measure environmental temperature and humidity, noise, air quality, atmospheric pressure, and illumination. It is safe and reliable, beautiful in appearance, easy to install, and durable.

Solar radiation shield installation:

1.The solar radiation shield is installed on the weather station and can be directly fixed with expansion screws through the bracket.

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2.The solar radiation shield is installed on a wall, pole, or other location, and can be installed by bending the plate.

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