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Evaporation Sensor

This evaporation sensor adopts a double-layer stainless steel structure design, which can prevent evaporation errors caused by direct sunlight, and has a higher accuracy value than others.
It is an instrument used to observe water surface evaporation. High sensitivity, and wide range. It can quickly and accurately measure the evaporation of water per unit area.

  • Model: RS-EVA-N01-2
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $146.8

About - Evaporation Sensor

The evaporator obtains the evaporation amount by weighing the weight change of the liquid in the evaporation vessel, and then calculating the liquid level height. It can be used with automatic water addition equipment or data acquisition and transmission equipment to realize automatic monitoring of the evaporation process, or it can be used with data acquisition and storage equipment (recorder) to realize automatic storage of evaporation data.

evaporation gauge

Evaporation sensor features

1. This evaporation sensor can prevent evaporation errors caused by direct sunlight has a higher measurement accuracy than products in the other factory.
2. The whole material is made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, does not rust, and has a beautiful appearance.
3.. Using the wiring method with the bottom outlet, reducing open wires, avoiding line failures, convenient installation, and simple operation.
4. Double-layer protection design structure, the product’s unique double-layer stainless steel design can effectively isolate external interference and make the measurement results more accurate.
5. Strong adaptability, anti-electromagnetic interference, even if the power is turned on after a power failure, the output data is still correct.
6. This evaporation gauge is a digital sensor, with no temperature drift, time drift, long-term stable performance.

Evaporation sensor parameters

Power supply: 10~30V DC
working environment: -40~85℃,0~100%RH
Measuring range: 0~200mm
Inner cylinder diameter: 18.4cm
Inner cylinder height: 20cm
Accuracy: ±1%FS
Protection level: IP66
Response time: <1s
Output: RS485(Modbus-RTU)
Weight: 6500g

Use - Evaporation Sensor

evaporation sensor size

Evaporation Sensor Working Principle

Applying the principle of pressure measurement, evaporation is measured by measuring the change in the weight of the liquid in the evaporating dish and then calculating the height of the page. Water surface evaporation measurement that can adapt to various environments is not affected by liquid icing and overcomes the disadvantages of inaccurate measurement when the liquid level is measured using the ultrasonic principle, easy damage to the sensor when there is no water, and low measurement accuracy.

Evaporation Sensor Installation Steps

Unpack the product, place the outer shell, inner liner, and base on level ground for installation. The installation steps are as follows:

  • Place the inner tank on the base tray
  • Put the shell on the base chassis
  • Turn the shell to align the bolt holes at the bottom of the shell with the bolt holes of the base tray and then insert the bolts to tighten
  • Fix the assembled equipment on the pre-made cement base
evaporation meter

Evaporation sensor FAQs

Evaporation refers to the phase transition process of water molecules from liquid to gas, and can also be referred to as a slow vaporization phenomenon that occurs only on the surface of the liquid at any temperature.

Evaporation refers to the amount of water evaporated into the air within a certain period of time. It is usually expressed in millimeters of the thickness of the evaporated water layer. The evaporation of water from the water surface or soil is measured by different evaporation gauges.

Our evaporation sensor adopts RS485 signal output, standard Modbus protocol.

  • The water surface evaporation sensor is a sensor used to perceive the change of water surface evaporation. It can observe the changing law of water surface evaporation in different time periods. It is suitable for meteorological observation, plant cultivation, seed cultivation, agriculture and forestry, geological survey, scientific research, and other fields.
  • RS-EVA-N01-2 evaporation sensor can be used with data collection and transmission devices to realize automatic monitoring of the evaporation process, and can also be combined with data collection and storage devices (recorders) to realize automatic storage of evaporation data, and can also be used with rainfall sensors, data collection, and transmission devices, etc. Use to realize automatic observation and remote transmission of evaporation and rainfall processes.
  • In addition, it can be used as a component of equipment such as rainfall stations, evaporation stations, weather stations, and environmental monitoring stations to observe “water surface evaporation”, which is one of the meteorological or environmental parameters.

In order to protect our patented technical parameters, please leave us a message for the manual.

1. When the water level in the evaporation sensor is too high or too low, water should be taken or added in time to make the water level suitable. In order to avoid the loss of evaporation caused by heavy precipitation or excessive evaporation. When taking water or adding water, you should seize the opportunity to reduce the error of evaporation.
2. In summer, the temperature is high, the wind speed is high, and the evaporation is large. You should try to choose a time period with a small evaporation to take or add water.
3. The water intake or water addition should be just after the hour, because after the water intake or addition, the evaporation from this moment to the previous hour will be cleared, and the starting point of the evaporation in this hour will be calculated from the adjustment.
4. In the real-time display column, it is most suitable to take water or add water when the evaporation amount is zero in this hour, which can reduce the evaporation error.
5. When there is a negative value of the old evaporation due to precipitation, the old evaporation at that time shall be treated as 0.0
6. The sensor should not be observed when it freezes in winter. The sensor should be removed and kept in a safe place. It will be re-installed and used after thawing.

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