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Air Quality Monitor

This integrated air quality monitor can monitor temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, atmospheric pressure, light, noise, odor, TVOC, CO2, formaldehyde, O3, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2 , H2, H2S, NH3 and other air quality indicators. Data upload via RS485, wifi and Ethernet. Mobile phone or computer to realize remote viewing of data.

  • Model: RS-MS111-*-1
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $90.2~$677

Air Quality Monitor

Our air quality monitor uses a built-in large-screen LCD display, which can monitor 11 indoor air indicators. The measured data can be uploaded to the free data platform through RS485, WIFI, or Ethernet, so that users can view it in real-time. This air quality monitor is widely used in building HVAC, building energy saving, smart homes, schools, airport stations, and other places.

Check real-time air pollution with RS-MS111-*-1 air quality monitor, which is equipped with imported sensors to measure temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, barometric pressure, light, noise, odor, TVOC, CO2, Formaldehyde, O3, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2, H2, H2S, NH3, etc.

digital air quality monitor

Why choose us?

Hardware advantage

High sensitivity sensor

The air quality monitor adopts high-sensitivity sensors and control chips, with high resolution and good stability during the measurement process.


It can detect temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, atmospheric pressure, light, noise, odor, TVOC, CO2, formaldehyde, O3, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2, H2, H2S, NH3 in the environment Wait. Comprehensively reflect all air quality indicators. It supports free collocation of measurement elements, and can measure up to 15 air indicators at the same time.

Large screen display

4.3-inch large-screen LCD display, the value is clear. Complete functions, you can directly touch the screen to operate, different pages have different functions.

Easy to install

It supports wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted installations, and there is a gourd hole on the back of the air quality detector for easy hanging.

Software advantage

Various signal outputs

The air quality monitor can transmit data through RS485, ETH, WIFI, 4G. Choose the WIFI transmission method to avoid the problem of wiring. Users can view the detection data through a computer or mobile phone at any time, regardless of distance.

Free cloud platform

Our company provides a free cloud platform to facilitate customers to view and manage data.

Limit value setting

In order to meet different usage places, our air quality detector supports setting the upper and lower limits of gas parameters.

Real-time alarm

When a high concentration of one or more gases is detected, the corresponding gas part on the screen turns red and an alarm is issued. In addition to page alarms, there are also email alarms, text messages, and phone alarms.

Historical data export

After the data detected by the air quality monitor is uploaded to the cloud platform, the platform will automatically save the data. When we need it, we can query the historical records according to the time period and generate tables, polylines, etc., and export and print the data. Daily and monthly reports can also be generated so that we can better grasp recent data changes and provide a scientific basis for formulating protective measures.

air quality monitoring

Air quality monitor features

The air quality detector is a product that can detect formaldehyde, PM2.5, TVOC, illuminance, noise, temperature and humidity and other gases in real-time. Small size, easy to move. Through its internal sensor, it can accurately measure the concentration of various pollutants. Alarm when the concentration exceeds the standard.

Air quality monitor working principle: The signal measured by the sensor is amplified by the operational amplifier, and the noise interference is removed by the filter circuit. Then through AD acquisition and 32-bit high-precision CPU processing and calculation, it is converted into a pollutant concentration value and displayed on the LCD screen.

home air quality monitor
indoor air quality monitor

Patameters & datasheets

  • Power supply: DC 10-30V
  • Detection parameters: temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, air pressure, light, noise, odor, TVOC, CO2, formaldehyde, O3, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2, H2, H2S, NH3
  • Working environment: -10℃-55℃, 0~95%RH without condensation
  • Signal output: RS485/WIFI/Ethernet
  • Product material: ABS
  • Installation method: wall hanging, ceiling
Detect itemRangeResolutionAccuracy
TSP0~20000ug/m31ug/m3±%25 or ±40μg/m3, whichever is greater (@1000ug/m3, 25℃, 50%RH)
Humidity0%RH-100%RH0.1%RH±3%RH (60%RH, 25℃)
Atmospheric pressure0~120Kpa0.1Kpa±0.15Kpa@25℃101Kpa
Illumination0~200,000 Lux1Lux±7%(25℃)
CO20~5000ppm1ppm±(50ppm+ 3%F·S)
0~5ppm0.01ppm±5%FS (@1ppm, 25℃, 50%RH)
O30~10ppm0.01ppm±6%FS (@5ppm, 25℃, 50%RH)
H2S0~100ppm1ppm±2ppm or ±10%
CO0~1000ppm1ppm±5ppm or ±10%
Noise30~130db0.1db±0.5dB (94dB@1kHz)

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