Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil sensors are an important tool for detecting soil health, which can reflect the current soil moisture, temperature, salinity, or fertility in real-time. Provide data support for soil moisture monitoring, agricultural irrigation, and forestry protection industries. This soil moisture sensor can be used with our self-developed handheld soil data logger.

  • Model: RS-SD-*-TR-1
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $32~$45.8

Why choose our soil moisture sensor?

Top Brand

Renke is a manufacturer with 15 years of production and sales experience. Top brand. Can provide you with professional technical support and solutions. Provide a free data platform for you to view the data. Provide customized services and support customers' secondary development.

Easy use

ur soil sensor is simple to use. It can be directly inserted into the soil to measure the current soil moisture content, or it can be connected to a soil irrigation system and used with a controller to control soil irrigation. Can be buried in the soil for long-term measurement.

Cheap price

The unit price of our soil moisture sensor is $32, the unit price of the soil temperature and humidity sensor is $39.9, and the unit price of the soil temperature and humidity conductivity 3 in 1 sensor is $45.8. Save your cost and provide you with the best price. Welcome to inquire.

More types

We have a variety of soil sensors that can measure soil temperature, humidity, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH or EC and other elements. Meet the measurement needs of different places. Provide rs485 and analog signal output modes. Easy to calibrate. long lasting.

Soil moisture sensor video

Renke provides an integrated soil sensor to measure soil moisture and send this data to the cloud, where it can be accessed through a free cloud platform anytime, anywhere.
Our soil moisture sensor is durable and can provide accurate data even in extreme temperatures, regardless of soil type. The protection grade of Renke soil sensor is IP68. There are multiple options for output mode such as rs485, 0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20ma, etc.


More informations about Renke soil moisture sensor

How to install a soil moisture sensor?

Since the electrode directly measures the conductivity of the soluble salt ions in the soil, the soil volumetric water content must be higher than about 20% when the soluble ions in the soil can accurately reflect the conductivity of the soil. In the long-term observation, the measured value after irrigation or rainfall is closer to the true level. If performing a quick test, water the soil to be tested first, and then measure after the water is fully penetrated.


If you are measuring on a hard surface, you should drill the hole first (the hole diameter should be smaller than the probe diameter), then insert the soil and compact the soil before measuring; the sensor should be protected from severe vibration and impact, let alone knocked with hard objects. Because the sensor is a black package, the sensor will heat up rapidly (up to 50℃) under strong sunlight. To prevent the excessive temperature from affecting the temperature measurement of the sensor, please pay attention to shading and protection when using in the field or the field.

What is the output of the soil moisture sensor?

Our company provides customers with four output modes: RS485 Modbus, 4-20ma, 0-5v, and 0-10v.

Where to place the soil sensor?

  • Place the fixed sensor between the plants at the desired depth.
  • Mark the place where the sensor is placed to prevent the sensor from being damaged
  • Do not install the sensor near the pivot wheel track, and make sure that the sensor is in direct contact with the soil and has minimal interference to the soil during the installation process.

How to view the data measured by the soil sensor?

You can download our -K software or use the cloud platform provided by our company for free.

How to download the pdf manual of the soil sensor?

This product is independently developed and produced by our company. To ensure the privacy of the product technical parameters, please contact us to obtain the product manual.