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Methane Sensor

RS-CH4-*-2 methane sensor is an industrial gas sensor used in harsh environments. The overall shell is waterproof and dustproof and has a long service life. The measuring range of this ch4 sensor is 0-100%LEL, and the accuracy is ±5%FS. The quality is high and the price is cheap.

  • Model: RS-CH4-*-2
  • MOQ: 1 PCS
  • Delivery date: within 24 hours
  • Price: $41.5~$45.7

About - Methane Sensor

The methane sensor adopts the explosion-proof ExdIMb sensor, with fast response speed, and strong anti-interference ability. With the free cloud platform provided by our company, it can remotely monitor the methane situation in multiple locations. The output mode of the methane sensor is rs485, 0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20ma.

methane sensor data view

CH4 sensor datasheets

Power supply: 10~30V DC
T & H measure range: -40℃~+80℃, 0~100%RH
T & H accuracy: ±0.5℃, ±3%RH
Operating temperature: -20~40℃
Working humidity: 0~95%RH
Pressure range: 80~116Kpa
Stability (months): ≤7% signal value/year
Response time: ≤15S
Repeatability: ≤2%
Methane zero drift: ±0.06%
Measure range: 0~100%LEL
Precision: ±5% FS
Resolution: 1% LEL
Output signal: RS485/0-5v/0-10v/4-20ma

About - Methane Sensor

CH4 sensor use

This IoT CH4 sensor has a wide range of applications, suitable for underground pipe corridors, underground parking lots, public toilets, garages, workshops, chemical plants, greenhouse farms, and other occasions where real-time monitoring of methane concentration is required.

CH4 sensor features

1. The default range is 0-100% LEL. We are a professional gas manufacturer and provide customized services. Other ranges can be customized.
2. Optional high-quality OLED display, the value can be viewed directly on-site, and can be displayed clearly at night.
3. On-site power supply adopts a 10~30V DC wide-voltage power supply, which can adapt to a variety of on-site DC power supplies.
4. Long service life, it can be used for 5 years in a normal environment.

methane sensor size

FAQ - CH4 Sensor

What is methane sensor?

A methane sensor is a device that measures the concentration of methane in the environment, usually with an alarm function. Once the concentration exceeds the limit, it will alarm.

What type of sensor is used to detect methane gas?

According to different use environments, there are usually three types: wall-mounted methane sensor, portable methane detector, and fixed methane detector.

How to calibrate the CH4 sensor?

Our CH4 sensor has been calibrated before leaving the factory and can be used directly after installation without secondary calibration.

How to obtain the manual of the CH4 sensor?

To protect the patented technical parameters, please contact us for a manual.

How to buy a CH4 sensor?

Please confirm the model and delivery address with the salesperson through a message or online chat. After payment, we will deliver the goods within 24 hours.

How To Install A CH4 Sensor?

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