What is the best weather station to buy?

weather station RS-QXYL-M for agriculture

High accuracy

Strong resistance to harsh environment

Strong corrosion resistant ability

Automatic storage and backup

Convenient data download

All-metal construction of bracket

Solar power supply optional

The RS-QXZN-M weather monitoring host is a dedicated control station for the weather station. The device has 1 ModBus-RTU master station interface (this interface can be connected to our 485 transmitter: 1 road wind speed, 1 road wind direction, 4 road soil temperature + moisture, 4 road soil conductivity + PH, 1 channel air Temperature and humidity, 1 channel noise, 1 channel carbon dioxide, 1 channel atmospheric pressure, 1 channel illumination, 1 channel rain and snow state, 1 channel UV, 1 channel total radiation, 1 channel carbon monoxide, 1 channel ozone, 1 channel nitrogen dioxide, 1 Road sulfur dioxide, 1 channel hydrogen sulfide, 1 channel oxygen, 1 channel air quality), 1 channel rainfall collection (total rainfall + instantaneous rainfall + daily rainfall + current rainfall), 2 relay output (optional); the device can pass GPRS The data upload value monitoring software platform, and the monitoring host also has a ModBus-RTU slave interface, which can also upload data to the customer's monitoring software or PLC configuration screen through 485 communication; the host can also An external LED display is displayed (the number of dots is 96*48).


MeasuredMeasuring rangeResolutionPrecision
Temperature-40~80℃0.1% RH±0.4℃
Atmospheric pressure0-120Kpa0.1KPA±0.15Kpa@25%
Soil temperature-40~80℃0.1℃±0.5℃
Soil temperature (moisture)0~100%0.1%±2%RH
Wind speed0-60m/s0.1M/S±0.2M/S
wind direction8 drientation1 position---
Solar radiation0-2000W----<5%
Supply modeAC220V,AC110V,DC24V,solar power optional
Ingress protectionIP65

Weather Station Applications



3.Highways and railways

4.Solar or wind power generation

5.Greenhouse, breeding

6.Scenic region

7.Meteorological science research


1. With 1 channel ModBus-RTU main station interface can be connected to our 485 transmitters: wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature moisture, soil conductivity PH, air temperature and humidity, noise, air quality, atmospheric pressure, light, rain, and snow, UV, total radiation, CO, O3, NO2, SO2, H2S, O2, CO2 evaporation, and other transmitters.

2. An external tipping bucket rain gauge can collect total rainfall, instantaneous rainfall, daily rainfall, and current rainfall.

3. Optional 2-way relay output for remote manual control.

4.1 multi-function GPRS communication interface, just insert a mobile phone card to upload data to the remote monitoring software platform.

5. It has a 1-way Modbus-RTU slave interface, which can be connected to the user's monitoring host, PLC, configuration screen, or configuration software. It can also be used as an external 192*96 outdoor screen (optional).

6. Can be connected to an outdoor LED monochrome display with a dot matrix of 96*48.

7. A variety of measurement elements can be freely matched.

8. Without an LED screen display, it can be used with solar panels and batteries for field measurement to solve power supply problems.

9. The weather station is uniquely 8-bit address, easy to manage and identify, and can be used with a variety of software platforms provided by our company.